About 50 years after the first moon landing, the former link man of the spacemen in Nasa’s control center, Charles Duke, conspiracy theories has been referred to as absurd.

If you would have faked the moon landing, you would have made this a Time – but not several times, said the 83-year-old Astronaut on Wednesday in Speyer (Rhineland-Palatinate).

allegations about a supposedly “waving” American flag on the windless moon to be invalidate from his point of view easily. “She had wrinkles after the Transport, and I had no iron,” said the Duke with a wink. However, there are people who do not convince to. “Some people believe that the earth is flat.”

Even the long-standing rival to the United States in the conquest of space, the Soviet Union, don’t doubt the missions. “Our Russian friends have followed our flights,” said Duke during a visit to the Technik Museum Speyer.

In the case of Apollo 11, the first moon landing on 21. July 1969, was a Duke in the Nasa control centre in Houston, the man the astronauts, “the voice on the ground”. As Astronaut Neil Armstrong and his famous phrase “The Eagle has landed” (“The eagle has landed”) to the earth, radioed, replied Duke with “Roger that” (“Understood”).

“The voltage at the control centre was enormous – as Neil reported, after landing, it was, as you let the air out of a tightly-Packed balloon,” said Duke. “Neil was so calm, as though he were a door.” Probably no one in Houston thought at this moment, first on the victory over the rival Soviet Union. “We were rather proud to have the task fulfilled. That we had landed, was overwhelming,” said Duke.

in 1972, was the North Carolina-born spaceman on the moon – at the age of 36 than in the past the youngest man to walk on the moon. He had dreamed of before his flight terrible, said Duke in Speyer. “I went in the dream with my colleagues of the Astronauts John Young on the moon and came across a trail that we followed for two kilometres. Then we saw another vehicle, I got out and was in the car, two Dead: me and John,” said Duke. “The dream was not so bad that I my wife told him.”

After the Entering of the moon in 1972, his first feelings are of Wonder and excitement been. “I said to myself: “I’m on the moon! I’m on the moon!”” When you Leave the earth’s satellite, the control center, have warned the Crew not too much to take. “They said: “you have to pack many moon stones, throw a few out.” But we said: “don’t worry, we have enough Fuel.””

as regards the return of manned space travel to the moon, believes the Duke, in his own words in a scientific facility on the moon. “We will see a certain amount of infrastructure on the moon, such as a research station similar to that in the Antarctic.”

Duke spent a total of 265 hours in space. In 1975, he retired from the active space. After College, he served as a fighter pilot in the U.S. air force base Ramstein (Pfalz) stationed.



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