Mobile barbershop will work on the metro station

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the defender of the Fatherland Day in the lobby of metro station “Kurskaya” will establish a mobile barbershop. About it reports Agency “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the Moscow metro.

“the defender of the Fatherland Day, the Moscow metro will give an opportunity for men right on the subway to make hair and beards”, – stated in the message.

Mobile barbershop will be working at the station from 12:00 to 14:00. Also in that day men will be able to get the stations “Kurskaya”, “Pushkinskaya” and “Revolution Square” ties with the symbolism of the subway. The distribution of ties will begin at 12:00.

“the Moscow metro has long been a cultural space with its unique history, symbols and traditions. One of these traditions is a celebration for our passengers” – are the material words of the Deputy chief of metro for the development of client services and working with passengers Yulia Temnikova.

Earlier it was reported that on February 23 the capital’s subway has launched a themed card and tickets One. The total circulation is 10 thousand copies.

In honor of defender of the Fatherland Day with 16 Metropolitan areas will start the fireworks. Volleys will start at 21:00 in Victory Park and Novo-Peredelkino (ZAO), in the territory of the Olympic complex “Luzhniki” (CAO), on the area between the North gate of the exhibition center and the Agricultural street, in the Park Chermyanka on the shore of the pond (SVAO).

fireworks will start on campus named after Bauman Izmailovo (HLW) in the Park Kuzminki (southeastern administrative area), on the embankment of the Moscow river (South), on-site Playground, to the South-East of the main building of PFUR in the area of Yuzhnoe Butovo (South-West).

In SZAO the fireworks can be seen in Maine and the territory of the Tushino airfield, in Sao – 26 at the house on the street Festival near the monument “Friendship of continents”. Special areas are provided in Zelenograd and Troitsk city district.

it is Planned to launch over 10 thousand and over 70 VIDov fireworks. Sound of fireworks will provide 30 volleys of guns ZIS-3 times of the great Patriotic war on Poklonnaya hill.

In Moscow, festive events will be held in honor of defender of the Fatherland Day

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