Elton John (l.) has ensured that Taron Egerton in “Rocketman” may really do all the things that happened in his real life


On the 30. May starts the Elton-John-film adaptation of “Rocketman” in the cinema, and the audience expects a decent drug and Sexspektakel. That everything was not to the liking of the Studio bosses, has revealed the Superstar (72) itself. In a guest article for the British weekly “The Observer” wrote that “some of the Studios wanted to drive drugs and Sex to a Minimum so that the Film receives a PG-13-release.” PG-13 means that the Film is free from the age of 13. In the US, the Film has an R Rating, and is therefore free from the age of 17.

That it didn’t come to, lying on his Intervention. “I simply had no PG-13-life.” Everybody knew that he had in the 70s and 80s of both, very much, “so it would be hypocritical to make a movie, I’m going back to every Gig, quietly in my Hotel, as an accompaniment is a glass of warm milk, and the Bible.” Ultimately, he had put himself through, what the common audience may also soon see for yourself. “Rocketman” is, therefore, the first American Blockbuster, the shows a male sex scene, if only for a brief moment, and not explicitly.

success came off “like a rocket”

Also, the many dream – and-to-noise sequences would be deleted, some Studios like to, as he writes more. “You wanted a straight-forward Biopic, but it wouldn’t have hit the nail on the head. […] As a child, I lived much in my own head.” He tried to succeed for a few years, to sell his music with his friend Bernie Taupin (69), who wrote the texts, but without success.

with the appearance in the Troubadour Club in Los Angeles had all of a sudden the success set. “When it happened, it went off like a rocket. There’s this Moment in ‘Rocketman’ […], as everything begins to float in the room, me included, and quite honestly, it has feels, too.”

Also, Taupin didn’t like the script at the beginning because of the fantasy aspects, but after he had seen the scenes, he has to understand you. “He has grasped the Intention behind it, namely to create something that was like my life: messy, funny, sick, terrible, brilliant, and dark. It is not all true, of course, but it is the truth.” In Germany, the Rocketman is “” free from the age of 12.



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