all Of the 14 long distance paths in common: they are pioneering, that is well signposted, varied and rich in experiences and have a good infrastructure to Stay: Many hosts at the edge have been awarded with a seal of approval.

in 2005, the 14 most beautiful Hiking paths to the Top Trails of Germany together. This long-distance Hiking trails meet the criteria as “premium trail” by the German Hiking Institute, or as a “rambling enthusiasts greatly appreciated” the enjoyment of walking in Germany, the Website of the German Hiking Association. This is the umbrella organization of 58 of the German mountain and Hiking clubs with approximately 600,000 members.

walking in Germany of the Swiss railway adventure trail Albula Hiking on the world heritage route By Till Bartels

at the same time was by the German tourism with the Label of “quality host Association” for Hotels, guesthouses, private accommodation, holiday apartments youth hostels and Inns launched. After all, who is the all-day hike, perhaps even in bad weather and become wet, would like to in the evening, stay in a good accommodation, where he has to deal with cantankerous landlords, and poor diet.

On the following pages in the photo section we give suggestions to the most beautiful multi-day hikes in Germany. The requirements are different: The selection ranges from the busy 350-Kilometer-long Albsteig in Swabia on a Route through the l√ľneburg Heath in lower Saxony, Germany up to a medium-heavy Rhine rose with a deep look on Germany’s longest river.

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