Moscow 24: that would cause a demographic explosion in Russia

Photo: depositphotos/Ondrooo

February 4 in the press center of the Agency urban news “Moscow” will host a press conference entitled “the Demographic explosion in Russia.”

attendees will learn what mother’s social calculator, how to use the services of a nanny state and how it will work proactive family personal Cabinet on the portal of public services. Talk about this:
Tatiana Butskaya, expert of the Russian popular front, the Chairman of the Council of mothers of Russia;Sergey Rybalchenko, member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, General Director of ANO “Institute for scientific public expertise”;Yulia zimova, the expert onf;Hope Malyshkina, expert, onf;Victoria Dmitrieva, expert, onf, blogger, author of the project “School adequate parents.”
Watch it live February 4 at 11:00 on this page. Stream may be delayed due to objective reasons, thank you for your understanding.