Moscow authorities told about the development of sport in the capital

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/griskin Denis

the government Presidium has considered the issues on implementation of the program “Sports of Moscow” in 2019 and targets for 2024.

At the end of the year the number of Muscovites who are regularly engaged in physical culture and sports, made up 4.75 million, which is 2.2 times more than in 2010.

This result was achieved thanks to the development of public sports infrastructure and the active involvement of youth in sports life of the city through the development of new sports and mass sports and sporting events.

the Foundation of sports infrastructure of the city are public facilities – sports grounds and complexes outdoor fitness equipment in courtyards and parks, community Centres, ice rinks and ski slopes. In the past year, the city has created over a thousand new public sportson. Commissioned 15 major sports facilities. Among them, the Palace of water sports and the Palace of rhythmic gymnastics Irina Viner-Usmanova at the Luzhniki stadium, a multipurpose sports complex “Larks” at the Minsk highway program with a 50-meter swimming pool for sports school “Kosino”.

in All, the city has more than 23,8 thousand sports areas, including 1.3 thousand pools, 1.1 thousand football fields, arenas and playgrounds, 88 year-round indoor rinks plus 1.3 thousand seasonal rinks, 7.3 thousand of sports and gyms, 611 tennis courts and halls, 821 athletics and running track, 389 ski slopes.

In 2024 it is planned to continue the development and modernization of public sports infrastructure and to construct 31 new major sports facility. Work is also underway on modernization of existing sports infrastructure. If last year conducted a major overhaul 26 of the objects and maintenance objects 138, but this year it is planned to overhaul the 88 objects and maintenance objects 163.

In 2019 in Moscow has passed more than 15 thousand official SPsortivnyh ceremony, which was attended by 2 million people. Among them the Moscow mayor’s Cup hockey, international tennis tournament “Kremlin Cup” athletics “Moscow marathon”, a Winter sports festival in the Luzhniki stadium.

Testing citizens on the implementation of the standards TRP holds 21 center. Last year, in the framework of sports events was organized in 193 sites of the TRP was held 44 the thematic of the festival. On the Internet portal of the TRP created 558,9 thousand people.

Physical activity is one of the most popular aspects of the program “Moscow longevity.” 5.9 thousands of groups engaged 152,7 thousand Muscovites of the older generation. Classes in physical training, fitness, Nordic walking, gymnastics, dancing, checkers and chess.

At the request of Muscovites in September opened more than 240 new teams in 24 sports, including football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, tennis, Billiards and even Curling. In the Olympics of pensioners in seven sports was attended by five thousand people. 11 venues were sports festivals, devoted to Day of older persons. Also, the competitions in athletics, orienteering, petanque, gorodki sports, chess and skiing.

In the framework of the project “Moscow change” in 28 urban camps sports summer rested 4,5 thousand students. During shifts, regular workouts and sports games. The children met with famous athletes and were able to pass the standards TRP.

From 20 to 29 November at the portal was the crowdsourcing project “sports City”, which was attended by 17.7 thousand people. The project participants expressed 2.3 million proposals for the development of the capital sports, of which experts selected 152 proposals. 79 of them planned this year.

In Moscow, professional sports 136,3 thousand people.EC. In 2019 they retained the leading position in the country as representation in the national team and won medals. In teams of Moscow includes 13.4 thousand people, the Russian national teams – 5,1 thousand. The average percentage of the athletes in the national team of the Russian Federation on various sports is of the order of 20 percent.

Public services and information about the sports field is transferred to electronic form.

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