Moscow online at point of waste sorting

Photo: courtesy of the organizers.

4 Feb Moscow online will show you a tour of the waste sorting point on Altufievskoe highway. Our viewers will learn how to gather, removal and sorting of waste. I see no reason to separate the plastic and food waste? I think that separately collected waste is still mixed and sent to the dump? Then watch our stream and you will learn the fate of the jars of yogurt and other wastes.

In all the yards in place of conventional garbage cans containers two colors: blue for recycling, gray for collection of mixed waste not suitable for recycling. Take out the garbage different garbage: waste pick up machine gray, recycle blue color. Each of the garbage truck visits your schedule and your route. They dumped separately collected waste for sorting complex, where dosourceroute and treatment of waste.

See the broadcast on 4 February at 14:00 on this page, or portal Moscow online. Stream may be delayed due to objective reasons, thank you for your understanding.