Fans of Horror and action films knew the phenomenon already for a long time: If there is a particularly brutal Film came to TV, cut out the transmitter part of minute-long scenes to give the Film a PG rating. The TV-version was then part hardly again. What most viewers do not know, however, is Also completely harmless movies are on TV shorter than in the cinema. There are simply technical reasons.

While in the cinema with 24 frames per second on the screen flicker, it is in German TV used PAL Standard 25 frames per second. To be able to the movies in this country anyway, you have to be to the Standard and adapted to be easily played with one image per second. The film length is shortened so simple, because the movie runs faster. Good four percent term of lose films by this so-called “PAL speedup”. A feature film of 120 minutes, at least about five minutes.

TV-devices in the Test were test checks giant-screen TVs: a Good 65-incher for 800 Euro By Malte Mansholt Unexpected side-effect of

in addition to the shorter term, it has yet another effect: with the image to keep up, will also play the sound faster and a tiny is this little bit higher than in the Original. Some people may notice, if you listen to the Soundtrack of the film in comparison. Most of it is, however, not be aware of. The effect of absorb is edited, the soundtrack sometimes, which can lead to audio artifacts. As an example of poorly converted films Wikipedia calls about the “Back to the future”movies.

In the United States, the phenomenon is by the way Vice versa: Because the local TV Standard NTSC runs at 29.97 frames per second, must be: the films with uniformly distributed double images “” to get to the appropriate image number. While the runtime remains almost the same, act the movements of significantly less liquid.

to do Further factors in the length of the movies have technical reasons, but nothing. So the TV station to save regularly in the cinema-runtime included, sometimes minutes-long credits or play this much faster. Another factor in the private stations the advertising is Because the number of permitted advertising minutes is also associated with the shipment length, repeating some of the stations after the commercial break, once again, a few minutes of the film. Viewers who come to the advertising back in the room, miss nothing – and the transmitter is allowed to slide due to the extended duration of an advertising block more.

IFA 2018, The Surround-Sound is back – and better than ever before

Surround equipment were in the TV-Audio long the measure of all things. Then they were replaced by sound bars. Now the back speakers – with decisive advantages.

By Malte Mansholt


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