if you Believe the weather forecast it’s going to be some warm-up before the official start of summer at last, the people are moving out into the open. Nevertheless, the streaming services are trying to keep, of course, in the case of the rod. Here you will learn what there is to see in June on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Surprisingly early, the Oscar-winner “The Green Book creates it”. Until the beginning of the year, according to the Academy’s best Film of the year ran in German cinemas starting in June, it is available at Amazon, albeit for a fee. With the movies like “Mission Impossible: Fallout” and the new series of episodes for “Fear the Walking Dead” to get Prime customers, but without the extra a good program costs.

In the case of Netflix, it also relies on tons of new series and movies. There, in front of all Fans should offers popular series like “Modern Family,” “The Americans” and “Jessica Jones” on new seasons. In the movies, with “Dunkirk” and “Spiderman: Homecoming” great cinema-entertainment.

The full list of new products you can find here:

Netflix New movies in June 2019American Psycho – from 01. June 2019Blind Side – The big Chance – from 01. June 2019Cliffhanger – Only the Strong survive – from 01. June 2019Der Boy in the striped pyjamas – from 01. June 2019Die sheet-pirates – from 01. June 2019Fall 39 – from 01. June 2019Godzilla – from 01. June 2019Jules and Jim – from 01. June 2019Miss Daisy and her Chauffeur – from 01. June 2019Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – from 01. June 2019Oh, Ramona! – from 01. June 2019Red Heat – from 01. June 2019Rush Hour – from 01. June 2019Rush Hour 2 – from 01. June 2019Rush Hour 3 – from 01. June 2019Sexual Intelligence – from 01. June 2019Sie life! – from 01. June 2019Sterben for beginners – from 01. June 2019Takers – from 01. June 2019The Doors from the 01. June 2019Training Day – from 01. June 2019Transformers: age of extinction – from 01. June 2019Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club – from 01. June 2019The Equalizer from 02. June 2019Voll Normaaal! – as of 03. June 2019Unbesiegbar – from 04. June 2019Die cottage – A weekend with God – from 06. June 2019Elisa & marcelly – ab 07. June 2019Spider-Man: Homecoming – 11. June 2019Das third eye 2 – from 13. June 2019Queen of the South – from 13. June 2019Murder Mystery – ab 14. June 2019Pumping Iron – from 15. June 2019Beats – 19. June 2019Countdown of love – 19. June 2019Dunkirk – 19. June 2019Jaoon Kahan Bata Ae Dil – ab 21. June 2019The Team of 25. June 2019Baby Driver – 27. June 2019Shaft – ab 28. June 2019Amazon Prime


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