Muscovites explained who will be able to receive unemployment benefits

Photos: Moscow 24/Jan Deynega

Compensation for recognized unemployed will be prepared only for those citizens who in 2024 worked at least 60 days. It is reported by the Operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in Moscow.

“To compensation in the amount of 19.5 thousand rubles per month can apply only Muscovites recognised unemployed who worked at least 60 days in 2024. Those who have received the status of unemployed to March 31, regional compensation will be credited automatically, without an application,” said the center.

payments can also apply, those who received the status of unemployed in the period of regime of isolation and 30 days after completion. The material will support the citizens, previously aimed at vocational training in the direction of the center of employment.

to make a payment, you will not need to contact the employment Center directly. Propose to file an application remotely via a website. In this case you should attach a passport, work book, a document on education and a certificate of average earnings for the last three months on last place of work. For applicants with disabilities this list is supplemented YPRES.

Residents of the capital, receiving unemployment benefits, will make the allocation of funds. After the last orders of the city authorities the maximum payout has increased to 12 thousand.

From March 30 in Moscow, there are additional measures to combat the threat of the spread of coronavirus. In particular, for all Muscovites, regardless of age installed home mode isolation. The need to travel to work is included in the list of situations that permit the release of a citizen from the apartment.

In Russia at the moment 2 is recorded 337 cases of coronavirus in 73 regions. During the day, recovered by 55 people, including 42 in Moscow. For the entire period prescribed 121 people.

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