The 10-N the spaniards come again to the polls in an atmosphere of boredom and frustration with the political blockade. Are the second general election in six months and the fourth in the last four years. Half a year after the parliamentary elections of April 28, THE COUNTRY to interview six people who have decided to change their vote to support another party. The primary reason, the illusion common: that the result allows, in the end, a stable Government. Three of them, they will abandon Citizens, a possible reflection of the forecasts trends and public opinion, to venture a strong collapse in the formation of Albert Rivera.


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Carlos Vega has 37 years old, lives in El Prat de Llobregat and is supervisor of logistics. In the last election voted to Citizens. For him it was “a guarantor of the defense of the constitutionalism in Catalonia and the egalitarianism between men and women, against feminism”. In your opinion, the training has betrayed such concepts. “Have left Catalonia with the march leaders to Madrid, first Albert Rivera and after Inés Arrimadas, and ideologically because they are openly feminist and progressive”, he criticizes. The Sunday vote to Vox with the intention that it may serve to facilitate a conservative Government, although it provides that the election result will be similar to that of April: “I don’t Think you are going to get to form a government and that we will return once again to elections.”

Maria del Pilar Perez, retired To Corunna 69-year-old, will take away their vote to the PSOE because it considers that it forced too much the machine in the negotiations with United we Can to form a government. Your ballot will go to the party of Pablo Iglesias with the intention of relanzarlo of the face of another possible negotiation. Perez believes that Pedro Sanchez has changed the power. “What I see hinchadísimo, and seems to me to be very wrong pushing both Can. What it sought to govern without giving anything in return?”. Their prognosis is that these generals will be “marked by a high abstention”.

Ivan Fernandez. Alvaro Garcia

Ivan Fernandez, entrepreneur of Madrid of 36 years, fault of the political blockage to Citizens. Voted this party the 28-To, but the Sunday will switch to the PP with the hope that they will produce “a resurrection of the traditional right” that leads to a stable Government. Fernandez would have preferred, before a repeat of elections, Citizens gave the investiture of the party of Sánchez, simply by precedence in the governance and the establishment of institutional of the country. “This is not what I forgive Albert Rivera. Had to be avoided that we were to vote again and have so much time a Government functions,” he says.

Miguel Angel Hidalgo. Alvaro Garcia

Miguel Angel Hidalgo, of 48 years, lives in Madrid, is a maintenance worker and was a militant of Vox until he left the party of ultra right wing this year. Your vote, which in previous elections was to Santiago Abascal, will go to the PP. He says that he has come to realize that Vox is a trompe-l’oeil. “It’s a hoax. Are manipulating the feelings and needs of the Spanish foot to create a commercial product, the patriotism, in which many of us believe but they do not. Do not have ideals, what’s theirs is pure mercantilism. They just want to get power, chairs and the money that this entails.” The PP doesn’t feel as your ideal match, but believes that it is the alternative to a left that, in his opinion, “would lead to destabilization Spain”.

Deborah Gonzalez. Alvaro Garcia

Deborah Gonzalez, graphic designer from Madrid, 37 years old, sympathized with United we Can and will gave their vote until the elections of April, “without ever be convinced with the party and its ideas, but to inject new blood in Spain.” This time leave the formation of Churches because we scale its “economic trend toward communism”. She prefers the positions of social democrats and think that they would be well defended by the party will vote on Sunday, More Country, the excision of Can led by Íñigo Errejón. “For me it represents the center-left, where I feel more comfortable,” he says.

Guillermo Duran. Alvaro Garcia

Guillermo Duran has 26 years, lives in Madrid and works in marketing. Voter Citizens in April, this time will elect the PSOE. It accuses the party of Rivera being closed to negotiate a Government with the socialists. “I believed in Citizens as a centre party that would facilitate the governance of the country. Once you have lost that essence, that function of the hinge, to me it made no sense to vote on it,” he explains. Is defined as a voter of the centre-left. Affirms that it shares with the PSOE the “social sensitivity” and that the match of Sanchez is as strong as that seen in the uncertain political landscape English: “it Is the least bad option. The PSOE gives me confidence and I think that can offer stability in the context of the crisis in Catalan and the economic slowdown that lies ahead.”


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