authorities in The US to go to a possible link between the severe respiratory illness and the use of E-cigarettes. The reason for the investigation of the death of an adult who was admitted to the use of E-cigarettes in a hospital and then died, such as Jennifer Layden, Head of the health authority in the U.S. state of Illinois, said on Friday. The particulars of the deceased patients Layden made. However, there is in Illinois for more cases of illness in people over the age of 17 to 38 years.

US health authority CDC experts to investigate whether a mysterious lung disease by E-cigarettes is triggered

across the Country were recorded according to the US health authority CDC since the end of June, 193 cases of possible lung disease in connection with the use of E-cigarettes. The exact reasons of the disease are still open, however, all the patients had previously used nicotine, or Cannabis and E-cigarettes.

is The smoke from E-cigarettes contains, in General, significantly less harmful substances than normal cigarettes. The battery-operated devices in which nicotine is provided, the liquids are vaporized, mountains, according to the world health organization (WHO), however, health risks for the consumers. E-cigarettes contain besides nicotine is also metal-containing particulate matter.

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