A heavy fall brings a 63-year-old man in the emergency room of a New York hospital: He is on the walkway fell and to be on his buttocks brought down. First of all, he believed, not hurt. However, shortly after the incident, his left knee began to ache.

The Doctors examine the man. They Pat him down and x-ray his pelvis, a bone fracture to be ruled out. At the end of a diagnosis is yet another as initially thought. The bones of the man are healing, he has a bone tissue to an unusual body: his Penis.

The x-ray images show that in the Penis bone-like calcium deposits are located. Calcium crystals deposited in the tissue and a Plaque-like structure is formed. In fact, the man is to have pain in his Penis.

Japan, A man coughs and kidney diseased – blame his apartment is Only 40 other known cases

A ossified shaft of the penis is an extremely rare diagnosis, emphasizing the medical in the journal “Urology Case Reports”. In the literature, only 40 such cases have so far been described. The ossification, also ossification called, can have according to the doctors different causes. Most often it occurs in the context of Peyronie’s disease. This leads to a stronger curvature of the erect Penis due to tissue thickening. But also metabolic disorders, Penis injuries, and venereal diseases such as Syphilis and gonorrhea can lead to calcium deposits in the Penis.

Basically, the human body can also provide other parts of the body the bone tissue, including the breast, the salivary gland or the testes gland. Ossification can also occur after operations or injuries, because certain stem cells are stimulated by signal molecules to transform into bone cells.

Whether and how a Penis has to ossification, are treated depends on the patient’s complaints. The ossification must not necessarily symptoms. In mild cases, pain relievers can bring relief. The pain, however, chronic and suffer from the patients in addition among problems with Erection, can also be a Operation makes sense.

What could have triggered the ossification in the 63-year-old patient, is unclear. He decided to leave the hospital – against the medical Council.

source: Urology Case Reports

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