Nadezhda Krupskaya: what background was Lenin's wife

Biography 25/02/20 Nadezhda Krupskaya: what background was Lenin’s wife

Restoring bit by bit ancestry Nadezhda Krupskaya, historians have studied the genetic branch of her family, starting with grandparents. Raising the archives, they encountered a variety of facts that may indicate the presence in the family Krupski and the German and Polish roots. In some editions it was possible to meet the assumption of a Jewish origin. In fact, half of these versions do not have grounds.

Some facts about the ancestors of Nadezhda Krupskaya

Wife and loyal companion of Lenin, was born in St. Petersburg in 1869. Hope the family had aristocratic origins, evidenced by the archives of the Mogilev province. The paternal grandfather was Ignatius Krupski belonged to the estate of the Polish nobility. Almost completely ruined during the war of 1812, he moved his family in Kazan province, where he was born father of Hope – Konstantin Ignatyevich Krupski. Being the son of an officer and an orphan, Constantine could count on free training in the cadet corps. Taking advantage of the benefits, he graduated in such a military institution, and then enrolled in artillery school. His meteoric career could hardly be called. In the rank of Lieutenant, he earned very little, barely enough to feed his family.

maternal family Mestrovich had no ranks, no titles. Basil Testrow – grandfather’s Hope was a mining engineer. Any state has not acquired, so his daughter Elizabeth, upon reaching adulthood, he worked as a governess. So Hope was born in a poor family: mother – baby-father – Lieutenant. Some sources you can find information about the German roots for several generations before the birth of Hope really existed. So the official version of the origin Krupskaya confirmed by German and Polish roots. ConsiderWai, that until the collapse of the USSR, such information is not particularly publicized, information about the ethnic origin of the genus Krupskaya to our days preserved not so much.

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