Named job with a salary of 800 thousand rubles

Photo: depositphotos/daksel

Experts called jobs, which applicants offer a salary of 800 thousand rubles. The highest salaries were about workers in the field of top management, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, referring to the research portal HeadHunter.

a salary offer specialist accepted for the position of “Director General / CEO” in Novosibirsk. The same can to “chief engineer of the refinery”.

Salary from 500 thousand rubles pre-tax offer Advisor to the General Director on work with the banks in the capital. Also in Moscow you can get per month from 400 thousand to one million rubles for the post E-commerce Director. About the same offer in the capital Finance Director.

Earlier it was reported that the Russians on the average on the country you want to make 92 thousand rubles a month. Salary is from 100 to 200 thousand roubles expect 26% of respondents. Earnings less than 30 thousand rubles a month would suit 4% of respondents.

the desired Level of earnings differs depending on the region. In Moscow the ideal salary, consider 104 thousand rubles per month, St. Petersburg – 102 thousand rubles. Residents of Novosibirsk would like to get 90 thousand rubles, Nizhny Novgorod – 70 thousand.

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