Named the most dangerous alcoholic drink for Russians

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the Chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health Yevgeny Bryun and psychiatrist Daniel Pokrovsky told, what alcohol should not be drunk Russians.

According to Brune, the Russians have no “European gene”, which developed among residents of European countries over a period of years of passion for wine, and often to drink this drink they should not. He warned that abuse of the juice of the vine can be dangerous for health, says “Evening Moscow”.

Pokrovsky, on the contrary, attributed to the most harmful alcoholic beverages beer. He, as a psychiatrist, suggested that even prohibit it for use.

“Alcohol is the most harmless aspect of the beer. Other minor components that give beer its properties – pennost, color, taste, is extremely unwholesome for human health compounds, including those containing the metal cobalt”, – said the expert.

it Turned out that a small bottle of beer contains maximum allowable daily dose of cobalt. Its excess in the body causes cardiomyopathy, obesity of the heart that the disease can lead to death.

According to Pokrovsky, the least harmful is the red wine, because in its composition contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Earlier told the psychiatrist about the dangers of “wine with dinner” for the Russians. It is noted that in the Mediterranean countries, a very different climate than in Russia. It allows much faster to rid the body of alcohol.

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