Neighbors called quiet stepfather of the boy, standing on the buckwheat in the Omsk

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the Resident of Omsk, as punishment, put 8-year-old child of buckwheat, the neighbors called quiet and counterbalanced. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to a witness statement read out in court.

“was balanced, calm, Friendly families. Still can’t believe what is reported” – quoted the judge the testimony of friends and neighbors in the cottage.

a neighbor of the family added that I never heard children’s crying and screaming, while the child succumbed education. According to her, the child’s father he seemed like a normal guy, saying that people in alcoholic intoxication have not seen him.

Another neighbor at the dacha told me that she had seen the boy may 11, 2019, when he left home. Then, according to her, the child was in his underpants and socks.

the state Prosecutor Inna Ermakova said that on that day the boy ran away from home, unable to bear the cruelty of punishments, but the witness in his testimony said that he had not seen injuries on the child’s knees.

Court case against the stepfather and mother of the child lasts from December last year. After the criminal case against the boy’s mother and her boyfriend at the initiative of SK, the child spent three months in the rehabilitation center.

then the boy’s mother returned. In December the Ministry of education of the region reported that with the consent of the mother at the time of the issue of the possible deprivation of its parental rights of the boy placed in a boarding school.

According to investigators, from April to may 2019 35-year-old resident of Omsk is supposedly for educational purposes at least six times put his stepson kneeling on the buckwheat. The boy’s mother was aware but did not intervene in the situation.

the Boy, unable to bear the humiliation, ran to the neighbor’s cottage and told them what happened. He went to the police. A man is under arrest and the boy’s mother under house arrest.

Doctors conducted an operation to remove buckwheat. In SC specified that the Malchick is to blame for the incident with his stepfather, and his mother, he would like to return.

presidential Commissioner for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova has expressed bewilderment concerning the decision to return the child to the mother and asked the Prosecutor to check the activities of the guardianship. In her opinion, if the boy wanted to stay with mom, it means that for him, violence has become the norm.

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