Rented new-build apartments are to be paid, according to a study for many average earners. And the rental price brake is cured in the view of the city and Gemeindebunds also to Reform just the symptoms of an ailing housing market.

In many cities, households would have to spend more than 27 percent of their net income for rent, the results of the data evaluation of the real estate market specialists Empirica-systems on behalf of the ARD-magazine “Panorama”. A value of about 27 per cent, applies to experts as problematic, since only relatively little money for the other life remains.

the so-called lease charge rate in Berlin, with 41.3 percent beyond. The average Berlin family would have to spend 41.3 percent of their net income, to a Three-room apartment for rent. An average household income of net 3007 euros a rent of 1242, the Euro.

Also in Frankfurt am Main, the rate is 40.7 percent is very high. In Leipzig, such an apartment costs 10-12 euros less, but because the earnings are lower, the lease charge rate at 37.5 percent.

Not only large, but also many medium-sized cities have a lease charge rate of more than 27 percent. Overall, the investigation, the “Panorama” with inter-sets the active cards, 64 German cities and districts lists, where this ratio is exceeded.

according to this rate, can’t afford to be average, households in the Frankfurt, Augsburg, Leipzig or Jena 90 percent of the apartments will be built. More than 66 per cent, are in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Schwerin, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen and Wiesbaden.

The Rent control helps in the view of the city and Gemeindebunds even after its Reform. You laminate just the symptoms of an ailing housing market. “Abolish it would certainly not be the wrong step,” said town planning expert of the Association, Norbert Portz, the German press Agency. He did not see any quantifiable improvement, at the same time, the ratio of tenants and landlords will be charged.

to screw Instead of further to the rental price brake is required to carry out the Federal responsibility in social housing stronger. “The best development is when the municipality itself builds,” said Portz. Often land there be, but the municipalities would not turn, because private owners wanted to sell.

At the same time, Metropolitan areas need to be relieved. “We will not be able to solve the Problem of the housing shortage alone in the big cities,” said Portz. In order to motivate citizens to move to the country, would have to be jobs – for example, by digitizing relocated in the rural areas.



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