It is in the nature of the Secret, the secret life of the Rich and super-rich in him takes place. Most of the time anyway.

There are outliers. Franck Ribéry, for example, Gerhard Schröder, Jérôme Boateng, as well as the consumption of enthusiastic family clan Sallaum from Oberhasli near Zurich. To name just a few examples from the world of big money. “Force in the plate, Knorr, on the table” – so it sounded 1966, Franz Beckenbauer and his legendary television advertising for soups. Ribéry is advertising today on Instagram. There, he reveals that for him the gold überglänzte Tomahawk Steak on the table and in his life as a football millionaire.

Old money

For Boateng cars to other car collectors, perhaps for the sake of safety in garages with leather-covered walls Parking. Gerhard Schröder celebrates the colorful life in a classic under the eyes of printed magazines, Instagram, the Barber’s customer. And when Scrooge McDuck’s family clan from the Switzerland, the daily jump into the gold coins-Bassin – medially documented. The Newly-Wealthy show openly what they have achieved: a life with a gold rim. Who is Cat feces-coffee, from coffee cherries, eaten, excreted, and on the third day, brewed (100 grams for about 30 euros) that wants it all you need to know. Only the “old money” enjoys and is silent.


Mr Sallaum cuddle in the garden with the lion – and daughter-in-law Martina with mink


We actually thought that the nonsense with the gold leaf was for 30 years out of fashion. At the time of the Ex-Federal President Walter Scheel at his wedding twelve star chefs flown in, and had gebröselt via the intermediate gear Gold. Germany, in 1988 and then Gold on to the saffron Risotto! Because what was going on, perhaps, love children. All railed against the decadence. About the waste, the Swank. Suddenly, the sympathetic Walter Scheel was Prahlschnalle a Prince. There was still no Amazon. Today, we know that 20 flakes of gold leaf (24 carat) can be had for a ridiculous 14 euros on Amazon. So that you could Refine over the days the canteen to eat at the star! Cheaper than parsley!


The jewelry of the football pros are paintings of his Skin. Sometimes, Jérôme Boateng but also gold chains around the neck.

©Markus Burke/star

Speaking of which, Amazon. One of the secrets, the hats were many of the Rich, and her relationship status. Not always the but work in. The rule of thumb is: The higher the assets, the greater is the interest of the Public. The BMW heiress Susanne Klatten with a fortune of around 22 billion Euro, which is the wealthiest woman in Germany and the third-richest woman in the world. On the photos you showed, beaming at events in addition to their wide-smiling man Jan,, she wore simple earrings and short hair. This should possibly signal: normal-woman. Last summer, zack, and separation. There was a press release to the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper”, and that was that. How much is the severance of the Klatten-spouse will be in a possible divorce, the “image of speculation”. Old money.

A 68 with nine zeros

unlike the couple, Bezos. The Amazon founder is supposed to have started, it was said, an affair with a helicopter pilot of the flight parks. His wife had filed for divorce and her half of the jointly-baked Amazon cake. This Prime message is not, of course, remained under the blanket. MacKenzie Bezos – nice Name – is now supposed to get to 68 billion dollars, dollars! And the bald guy Jeff she is going to also. Some people just have all the luck! You will then be by far the richest woman in the world. That means: tracking device, window, bullet proof panic rooms and a life with Bodyguards. But maybe we will see you soon at a Pool in St. Barth’s, after they bought the island and the celebrity stuff has cleared. Or in a Mimosa yellow Retro Jaguar E-Type. A Babette Albrecht from Aldi-Nord-group-drove him once through dinner.


The new wife of Gerhard Schröder, in Kaviar Gauche at the Federal press ball


Whose deceased husband had started shortly before his death in the year 2012, to collect art. And when he had spent 50 million for paintings and sculpture stuff, was abgefreut the Hobby. He waved to classic cars. Even in the hard-on for the death Phase of his illness, he had a historic Ferrari in addition to racing Transporter. Why a racing car Transporter? “Because it looks so nice when standing on it,” said Berthold Albrecht of his aghast wife. The carts for 74 million, which were then mostly in the restorer, or in a Swiss Garage, or Babette drove it for a tire change. If they did it anyway. Your Jaguar Mimosa anyway, it didn’t. If you went shopping, it rained. How do we know that? Because the Aldi widow debunked years ago, their art dealers for the fraud and before the court. At that time, the Public learned how it had looked behind the facades of the modest-looking cardboard box discounter actually. Champagne-Whiz, Venetian nights and the Roman elegies. The Albrechts lived according to the Motto “What does the world cost?” Since it was not on a Milliönchen more or less. Only, when her husband was dead, that appeared in the heiress, the invoices of the art dealer, at once strange. She won the process.

wealth: Theo Albrecht, one would never see in RTL

Today, Babette Albrecht, 59 crosses, rather than the world’s oceans than at the vintage fairs. MS “Europe”, “Owner Suite”, “Ocean Suite”, Otherwise-Suite. The main thing is that, with a Jacuzzi, a Butler Service and their guests, the fashion designer Thomas Rath and his husband Sandro. You must have seen these buffets on Board: Lobster, as far as the eye can see! Once you have arranged a Marlin with tucked up fin as decoration. No idea if the was frozen after the Win every Time, or processed into Steaks. In any case, it was not a fish that Ernest Hemingway could have been a magnificent devise.

Babette Albrecht shows what she’s got. Polar White Teeth, Kellybags, Jewels. You can see them at the Oktoberfest, in the case of “Let’s Dance” in the audience and at Dinner parties. Even if we were jealous – it does not sound like a Wallow, but it’s still the opposite of what you are – after all, what we know – schmalst living brother-in-law Theo for reasonable thought.


dream car of the football professionals: Lamborghini Aventador, special


It is finished would be a Theo Albrecht never at the Oktoberfest ori RTL. Certainly not he could be on Instagram about how he was going to tip over in a Beach chair by Herbert Secklers “Zanzibar,” a 1000-Euro Bordeaux for curry sausage. So what some people do, Yes. The most Striking at the Essen-based Aldi heir is his inconspicuousness. Hardly anyone would recognize the 69-Year-old, when he blew during his vacation on Sylt, a little of his 18 billion fortune at Aldi in Keitum for “Confifrucht Marmelin” and “Markus coffee”. He is the best-known Unknown in all of Germany. He is a Phantom with a dog. Also from the hardly know what he looks like.


The couple, Bezos, one wonders who Jeff a wink, if MacKenzie stands next to

©Action Press

Recently applied for one of the Neuzugezogenen that, for him, a road to the vacation home would be built. The municipality refused. Always in Trouble with the Nouveau riche on the island of Sylt! The Internet-Croesus Ralph Dommermuth had to leave his property behind the dune more storeys with cellars. Since then, Altanlieger when the tide is in fear every Time that your cellar. No money, no road, notified the municipality. As the applicant has built at his own expense. PPP – “Public Private Partnership” means in the policy. You finally, a “mover”, of pretending to live in the house, if you search for at home in the sea, Bush or Montabaur his work; and, painted the lawn in dry summers in green.

Abi-parade in the Bentley

The world famous football player Jérôme Boateng was, as mentioned, the other day, that he puts a 500,000 Euro expensive Lamborghini from a Swabian finishing workshop. “Because of the equipment,” he said. Prestige car: in The traditional Abi motorcade of the boarding school Schloss Salem by Überlingen appeared two years ago, in addition to the usual BMW and Mini convertibles of the students, for the first time a Bentley. The high school graduate on the steering Wheel did not come, surprisingly, from Saudi Arabia or Ukraine, but from Saxony-Anhalt. And since it is always, we needed to get the solos!


Masch Meyer’s former Mallorca-Villa


The little-known shipowners ‘ family Sallaum of Oberhasli with Lebanese roots and branches in Germany, Belgium and the USA will post at Instagram in General, everything that it has to be something well – known. The garden, with lion cubs and bear children, the donkey on the swing for children, revised, lips, body, houses, plane, Islands, bags, sunglasses. You need to know the Sallaums? No! But you have to know the Kardashians? The wedding of the son would have at least driven every Lebanese Clan member from Berlin-Neukölln and also the Kardashians, the water in the eyes, had they been invited. Alone the candelabra Illumination of the Banquet hall in Chtoura, a town East of Beirut, would have been sufficient to light up Tokyo. The cake was five feet tall, or so. Where you should organize something in Berlin? In Clärchens Ballhaus? Berlin is for Losers! Who has a lot of money, in Switzerland. The wedding dress came from designer Zuhair Murad. Estimated price among compatriots and brothers: from $ 200,000 and up.


Zanzibar-chief Seckler’s not happy about it, when guests, his expensive red wines is in the beach basket süppeln

©Amin Akhtar/Laif

Quite arrived at the top, Gerhard Schröder. Although the former Chancellor lives promise, in a way, already the Ascent, which he painted earlier as a social-democratic politicians to the wall. And he lives well. The son of a cleaning woman brought it with charm, politics, seat, meat and Talk real far. Its apartments and houses in Hanover, Berlin and the Turkish “gold coast” are just Peanuts against the estate of his many friends, the billionaires. Bernd Freier. Fashion of the Frankish clothes company S. Oliver, ranked 49 on the German Forbes list, 1.7 billion. Makes every Morning at four 30 pushups. “Money can be a curse,” he said in an Interview. His estate in Mallorca, hopefully not. Sometimes Schröder makes to vacation there, is practically the Golf course. Sigmar Gabriel was here. Were not able to Carsten maschmeyer (1.2 billion), the founder of the discredited financial adviser AWD Yes, since his house in Mallorca to the unlucky under the Federal President had rented. Somehow the house was burned to the subsequent Wulff scandal.


Here is Aldi’s widow, Babette Albrecht radiates in full gear


last summer, you should be jetted to Munich, the Schröders and the machine. Friend Gerhard looked on the Maximilian street in the Shoe of death to the store’s So-yeon Kim, and he rummaged through Escada. Has taken the fifth wife of the former Chancellor, but then I’d rather have three wedding dresses of the Berlin label Kaviar Gauche, one of which is the Celebration on the 5. October is not only the girly-romantic came in the Hotel Adlon. Another, a transparent black lace plumage, was later to press the ball.

23 million in Lotto Jackpot

the 100,000 Euro cost of the dresses, of course. So far the generosity of the fun-loving former Chancellor is not. It is the Colliers “Pure seduction” (19.300 euros) and “Now” (86.200 Euro) came up with; refined Jewelry made of White or yellow gold strands with brilliant-cut diamonds, such as the “Colorful” in addition to product note reported. No, you can’t say that Gerhard Schröder kept his wealth a secret. Only when a holiday, as he is discreet. Or do you have the photos of the Turtelpaars on a – shall we say – seen Seychelles island?

As you would also be happy times on the beach? Little tip: recently, loitered 23 million in the lottery Jackpot. Post a picture on Instagram if it worked!

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