Munich/Frankfurt – Twice a year, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-analyse (agma), surveyed people from all over Germany to their use of Radio. On Wednesday it was that time again, the Frankfurt agma presented their results of the representative investigation. And one thing is clear: The Radio is not in Bavaria, still a long way out.

Radio in Bavaria: Public broadcaster has to say the nose in the front

The latest Media could analysis, under all programs, the public law of Bavaria, 1 the top position. Thus, about 941.000 people in the free state would have power on the transmitter of the Bavarian broadcasting Monday to Friday hourly. The are 4000 listeners, more than in the case of the last analysis in July 2018, an increase of about 0.4 percent. It remains, therefore, the majority of Bavaria, the turn up the Radio, opting for Bayern 1. The other channels of the public service program, apparently popular, could however, there has been only a slight increase. So Bayern 3 was only a slight increase of Listeners of 0.1 percent.

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But also the private broadcasters have caught up, the agma analysis. Especially Antenne Bayern would have won new listeners, and so the distance to the leader Bayern 1 is reduced. Thus, the Sender also remains in second place in the free state. 851.000 listeners per hour, would turn on the Radio for Antenne Bayern on days of the week. A strong increase of Listeners can look forward to, but also in Bavaria radio package closed local radio stations. The approximately 60 stations have increased, according to a Media analysis by approximately three percent compared to the previous year.

Radio-analysis: the Private TV channels are increasing in Germany

In Bavaria, could increase private channels so there is something more, than it was to the public. As the analysis of the agma confirmed, will continue this Trend also in Germany. The private broadcasters would turn in absolute Numbers less people than the ARD-waves, however, the gain of the Private is significantly larger. Therefore, they built their audience in Germany of 0.7 percent.

In terms of Radio would have lost the public broadcaster 1.1 percent of listeners compared to July 2018. Nevertheless, around seven million more people to switch on the ARD-waves instead of a private channel, so the agma.

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Radio in Germany: What is the agma is and how your data come?

these data were Collected from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-analyse (agma) in Frankfurt. They surveyed nationwide, 70,000 people from the age of 14 years, which you hear when you turn on the Radio. This combination of media and advertising industry, determined twice a year, the range of the German transmitter. The prices for commercials depend finally.

Overall, the agma reports that the use of German was very stable. On a normal working day, the people heard more than four hours of Radio. In comparison to the previous survey in July of 2018, have increased the value to two minutes.

Also, the radio station of the Public service are financed by the GEZ-fee. How they can free themselves legally from the broadcasting fee, read here. In addition, Munich will soon find a new radio station, how* reported.

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Bayern 3 program changes radically – the reactions of The listener are clearly

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