The upcoming season begins this August and Newcastle is kicking-off with some very good odds. Punters are on the heat, extra enthused and eager to place bets on their favorite clubs, once being informed and once having gathered all information they need for bookmakers at, in order to make wiser choices. So, in light of the new Premier League season and awaiting for the Magpies’ performance, it is interesting to go back and look at some key moments of Newcastle’s infamous former manager – Alan Pardew!

Alan Pardew had been the manager of Newcastle United for four years, from 2010 to 2014, despite having a mega contract which was set for more years. His four-year management of the club at St. James’ Park has been a period of highs and lows and has been marked with intense moments that we all remember! Pardew’s contract expired in 2020, but he effectively left the club in 2015 to join Crystal Palace’s management. Quitting his position from Newcastle was a decision following the financial constraints put on him by the owner of the club – Mike Ashley. But let’s see some of the moments that have marked Pardew’s era at St. James’ Park.

Getting on board


In September 2012, Newcastle United announced an eight-year mega contract extension for their manager Alan Pardew ensuring in this way that he will remain with the club until 2020. This was quite a moment for Newcastle, considering that only two years earlier, Pardew had signed with the club a five and a half year contract, after Hughton’s removal from the club’s management. In fact, on December 6, 2010 Chris Hughton was sacked, leaving the position for his successor, Alan Pardew, who eventually signed only two days later, amid an unfavorable climate, filled with fans’ frustration and anger given that Hughton had driven Newcastle back into the Premier League. Taking over the position in such a bad climate was not an easy thing to do, but the new manager was determined to give it a shot. Pardew had the guts to take over despite the fact that he felt un-welcomed and unwanted and also despite the fact that he would be seriously, closely monitored by everyone in his effort to drive the Magpies towards a greater success. And this was the beginning of the Pardew era!

The highs and lows of Alan Pardew and Newcastle’s performance

Despite the initial reaction of fans and players over Alan Pardew’s take-over of Newcastle’s management, the records and achievements of the past years – but also some problems and shortcomings, have marked a period of unforgettable and unique moments.

In his first match as Newcastle’s manager, Alan Pardew drove the club into a 3-1 victory over Liverpool – with  Andy Carroll, Joey Barton and Kevin Nolan scoring the three goals. Quite a start for a man who was combating a crowd that was clearly opposed to the decision to sack Hughton off the club and appoint Pardew as the new manager. And even though there were some defeats after that, Newcastle started the new year with a 5-0 victory over West Ham -which notably was Alan Padrew’s previous team!

Alan Pardew has also been credited for recruiting three key footballers, who made their own, significant contribution to the club’s 2011-12 performance. In fact, Pardew brought Demba Ba, Papiss Cisse and Yohan Cabaye to Newcastle United and drove the team to the fifth position in the Premier League, above Liverpool and Chelsea! The 5th place in the table has been the best position during Ashley’s ownership.


One other unforgettable event which has to do with Pardew himself and not the team as a whole, was his banning due to inappropriate behaviour. The moment of Pardew’s impulse and temper was in August 2012, when during a match with Tottenham Hotspur, the manager pushed Peter Kirkup, a linesman, and got banned from two matches for that behaviour. Even though Newcastle was winning, Pardew got feisty with a throw-in and he pushed Kirkup in a snap that was caught on camera and went viral.

In another memorable moment attributed to Pardew, Newcastle won against Manchester United at Old Trafford for the first time after their 36 visits to the Red Devils. With a 1-0 victory, Newcastle paved their way to Premier League in 2013. One year earlier, Newcastle had managed a 3-0 home victory against Manchester United at St. James’ Park, giving fans an unforgettable match and a reason to be proud of! Yohan Cabaye, Demba Ba and Phil Jones scored the three goals and sealed that wonderful victory.

Alan Pardew had his highs, but he’d also lows in this entire period. Newcastle had their worst home defeat in the Premier League under Pardew, as well as a series of bad results in the club’s performance in the league. But the 6-0 defeat by Liverpool at St. James’ Park was one of the darkest moments of the Magpies.

It is only clear that Alan Pardew has marked an entire era for Newcastle United. His management is to be remembered as one with all time highs and deep-down lows and as one with remarkable and outstanding performances along with unthinkable defeats. Alan Pardew has been a driving force for Newcastle United, but he has also seen his team go through bad moments – in some cases all-time bad moments – under his leadership.


Getting off board

Alan Pardew eventually left Newcastle and went to Crystal Palace, where he also left in 2016, after being asked to step down due to having driven the club into eight defeats in a total of ten games in the Premier League.  But back in 2015, his decision to quit was a major issue. He then commented that the tight financial constraints were certainly an obstacle but the club had been in a good place at the time. He said, “Newcastle is a big club, it’s difficult because it is run on a tight financial margin […] Four years under that monetary situation, along with the history, made it difficult. I have left it with a good base of players”.