Using the knowledge of a certain sport can be a great way to create a passive income. It is certainly great entertainment, but it can also be a good business if done right. Profiting from this sort of activity is not something we would describe as easy, but saying that it is impossible is simply not true.

To maximize these changes, you need to know how to use these the most. The same can be said about choosing the sports activities to place a stake in. Without any doubt, having enough knowledge about a certain discipline is an absolute must.

Moreover, it’s not easy to predict which teams will do better than others. Still, there are some things that you can do to enhance the chances of profiting via this activity. We’re talking about indicators like form, injured athletes, underdogs, favorites, etc.

For example, when betting on football, go for the BetUS. Here are the five easiest sports to take into consideration. That doesn’t mean that you should use any other disciplines, but these are certainly the widespread ones out there.

1. Football


When we’re discussing football, it needs to be said that we’re talking about the most popular discipline in the United States. Not only that, it is widely popular in other countries like Australia, India, the United Kingdom, etc. It has been played for centuries and continues to grow.

In the United States, NFL is the most followed league alongside NBA and NHL. The football rules vary depending on the country where the match takes place. In the US, the rules are similar to those of rugby unions. There are four downs in American football.

As we’ve mentioned, this is something that indicates just how popular it is. Millions of US citizens follow their favorite teams inside this league. All the major stadiums are filled with spectators in every single match, don’t you agree?

Just take a look at some of these matches. Make sure to have a clear idea about the odds offered by the bookmaker. You should also check out the latest statistics before placing any bets. It is a great indicator of what moves you should make.

These stats include the number of goals, the number of points gained by each side, etc. Not to mention that taking a look at the form of every individual player and whole team you should important before you decide on what sort of wager you will make.

Football represents quite an efficient way to place a wager and be successful, so you should try it out at least once. Of course, playing as much as possible is crucial. The more you play, the easier it becomes to beat the bookmakers.

But don’t forget to keep track of your losses too. Keeping a track of these is an absolute must. Having these in front of you can help you significantly with making future wagers.

2. Basketball


Basketball is another favorite among many people. Although basketball was invented in 1891, it didn’t become widely known until the 1930s. Since then, this sport has grown into a global phenomenon, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

We can see that a plethora of countries have developed quite competent national teams and clubs. Therefore, it is obvious that basketball is definitely one of the most widespread disciplines, especially when we talk about popularity.

There are five main types of basketball: men’s, women’s, high school, college, and professional. Men’s basketball is probably the most popular form. It involves two teams competing with each other. However, the most important thing to be said about this sport is that millions of people follow their favorite teams and leagues.

That’s why they have a great understanding of them, and they can make a wager by using this knowledge to predict. Doing that with basketball is relatively simple. All you need to do is choose the winner of the match based on its final score.

Make sure you read up on the odds offered by the different bookmakers. These odds will give you an indication of how much money you stand to lose or gain.

3. Baseball


Baseball is one of the oldest sports in existence. It was first played in ancient Greece. Today, baseball is played worldwide. It is the fourth most-widespread sport after soccer, basketball, and football. Of course, its popularity is the highest within the borders of the United States. Saying that baseball has become some sort of a national sport is definitely not a mistake.

If you like watching baseball, you should consider betting on it. Be careful when choosing the right bookies. Some may offer bad odds. Making the best possible choice regarding bookies is not something you can do without understanding these facts. Also, make sure that you understand the rules of the sport before making any moves.

4. Soccer


Soccer is a worldwide sport that occurs on grass fields. There are two halves of a match, each of them lasting for 45 minutes. Some odds are calculated based on the outcome of these halves.

It is easy because the goal difference always determines the match’s outcome. If a team scores more goals than the opponent, they win. With so many strong national and continental leagues out there, you will have countless matches to choose from.

However, if the opposing team scores more goals, they win. You can easily find a proper gambling site. Choose one wisely, though. We would recommend you to research before you can make a proper decision.

Don’t just go for the cheapest option available. Look for a reputable website that offers competitive odds. Make sure to compare all the options, and by doing that, it will become much easier to make the best decision.

5. Tennis


Tennis is relatively simple at first glance. You simply pick the winner based on the final score. Still, there are many features out there that make a significant difference. Not taking a look at some of these cannot provide a proper insight into the core of this discipline.

As with all sports, however, you should pay attention to the odds offered by the bookmaker. This way, you will know exactly what you stand to lose or win. Some of the best-known players to bank on are Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka, Sharapova, Tsonga, Ferrer, Berdych, and Kuznetsov, among others.

Even though favorites usually win, tennis is a discipline that sees underdogs beating favorites much more than any other. That’s why we believe that making riskier wagers on these matches can help with winning a significant amount of money. So, pay attention to all the major factors and there’s a significant chance you can win.


If you’re interested in taking part in this activity, then you have come to the right place. This article has explained some of the most accessible disciplines to bet on. We are certain you will see all of these insights will help with making future wagers.

We hope that you found our tips useful. Good luck!