Night marriage first took place in Moscow

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Kirill Zykov

the First night of marriage registration took place in the wedding Palace No. 1 in Moscow. It is reported TASS with reference to Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakov.

According to the newlyweds on a night date they even not thought, but was glad to learn about this opportunity, as it was planned to hold the celebration in February. They noted that immediately decided to apply to the Griboedov registry office, where he saw free time on 2 February, the day of the “four twos”.

“For us, it’s an interesting experience, and we are pleased to be the first newlyweds who got married at night”, – shared his impressions of the couple, Alexander and Tatiana.

Anastasia Rakova said that the Griboedov registry office is the most popular with honeymooners, last year there were married more than 5.6 thousand pairs.

Total for 2 February 2024 plan to celebrate your marriage over 160 couples. In this day of the wedding Palace № 3 and № 5 and the Gagarin shipilovskiy and the Registrar.

From December 2019 wedding Palace №1 began to work around the clock. In addition to Griboedov, the top 5 favorite registry offices came shipilovskiy, Kutuzovsky Tagansky and Chertanovskaya.

Earlier it was named the most unusual songs for wedding ceremonies in Moscow. The most popular remains the “Wedding March” by Felix Mendelssohn, however, in addition to her, the couple bought the main theme from the TV series “Game of thrones”, the song Bitter Sweet Symphony the Verve’s “Eternal love” by Charles Aznavour and the Beatles song All You Need Is Love.

In a beautiful date capital registry offices will switch to a special mode of operation

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