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Always in the middle of April, you should come back to Berlin and then to sit here and sing: under the victory column in Berlin’s Tiergarten, directly on the four-lane traffic circle, where once was ruler of their triumphs have been immortalized, and it is today after the car and the city stinks. So we arranged to meet on good Friday at 23 o’clock on the S-Bahn station Tiergarten.

The day was Sunny, the city is Voigt on the legs, and Silke-Heuke is on the track. You tried to fiddle with the plug a small red box into the Jack of your phone. “So you can make bats audible,” she says. But to bats it is not today. I’m looking for a other resident of the city: the Nightingale.

Ironically, Berlin is the Capital of this poetic bird. 1500 breeding pairs there are, so many people from the UK are arriving, to listen to you – that’s where 90 percent of the nightingales are, since the 1960s, disappeared. Alarming Numbers, there are also from Germany. New data show how strongly, especially species of birds that live in meadows and Fields, and those that eat insects.

the nightingales in Berlin is fine. You will love here, love what some of the people in Berlin: the Wild, Messy, Shaggy. Rubbish-strewn corners, overgrown Wastelands, unkempt Parks are reserves for nightingales Premium, old building in Prenzlauer Berg, so to speak. There you can sing undisturbed, brooding and mostly six Young. The Nightingale wants Chaos, loud life, Singing in the night – a bird, an antithesis to the bourgeois. And still gorgeous, unobtrusive plumage, at least.

“There’s a male,” says Voigt sat in the past years, always, Heuke, and points to a corner at the roundabout. A couple of cars to wait in the idle to Green. The biologist, working at the Berlin Museum of natural history, goes in the direction of the Statue of a General who was once important to you, and listens. “If we’re lucky …”, she says. The output of this night to anticipate: We have no luck. To hear my first Nightingale, I need to come three days later.

This article dates back to the TIME no 18/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

So it is with nature, she takes no consideration on the dates of reporters. This one has understanding, if you know that Berlin’s nightingales Population overwinters, especially in Ghana. The Swiss researchers, have a try with Geo-trackers found out. Whether you sing in the Winter in West Africa? Probably not, but exactly no one knows. The summer is researched, the better.

nightingales are known for their singing. 180 different verses, a male has, on the average. Who listens to a Nightingale for an hour, listening to more than 500 stanzas, the researchers in the Whistle, Trill and Buzzstrophen. The behavior of a researcher Denise Bock, a colleague of Voigt-Heuke, just a catalog. 2000 types has been recorded in Germany, constantly new. She listens to you, considers the spectrograms of the verses and compares them with those in the catalog.


the song of the Nightingale, researchers are working with Spectrograms. The show the pitch of the song and the timing. Typically, the longer whistling the verses, complex Trillstrophen, as well as deeper, rasping at the end of Buzzstrophen.

source: MfN/Leibniz-Institute for Evolution and biodiversity research © TIME-graph

Eventually, the researchers want to be able to explain whether the Nightingale sings in fact, in dialects, as you suspect at the Berlin Museum of natural history. The Material for their project “research the case of the Nightingale” you get from citizens. With an App called nature view, anyone can record the call of a Nightingale, and upload. Employees of the Museum – there are actually exclusively women – to listen to the examples and check in every case whether it was a Nightingale. And not a lark.

Storm, Grimm, Lindenberg – why employ artists with the bird?

this pre-reflected confusion wanted to outsmart Shakespeare’s Juliet to your Romeo. This reference falls in Germany, many to the Nightingale, a somewhat monotonous school Canon. “In the UK, other associations come to the people,” says Sarah Darwin, and you need to know: as a Brit, an art historian, a botanist and descendant of a famous biologist by the name of Charles. Darwin, also at the Berlin natural history Museum, the ceiling has been working for months on a table. This is black, huge, and tells the stories of the Nightingale; the font is embroidered with colorful threads. Reminiscent of old tapestries, and a way to tell anecdotes, of which Berlin Darwin reported. A Birgitt writes: “I live in Altglienicke. Every year, I am pleased to hear the Nightingale. With the Expansion of Schönefeld airport – I think – is the Nightingale louder. Sometimes I close at night, the window, because it is so loud. During the day she sings, and I wonder when the Nightingale sleeps.” A Couple, Erika and Christopher, has told: “Our love story began in the spring of 2003. Often we stayed in Erika’s charming apartment in Zehlendorf. Almost every night the singing of a beautiful Nightingale, accompanied us. She was familiar to us so that we can think of each Time to the beginning of our love when we hear you.” Something must be with this strange bird.


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