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read internally bleed to death, are highly contagious: people who have been infected with Ebola. The Virus that causes the disease, is one of the most deadly of the earth – more than half of all infected, it dies. Since August of 2018, it is once again in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The authorities have registered 1,400 cases, more than 950 people have already died.

is a thing of the outbreak of the second-largest in the history (see info box). And an end to the epidemic is not in sight. Finally, the number of new infections are among rose sharply in April alone, there were nearly 400 new cases. Experts fear that the Virus is spreading, soon to neighbouring countries and the rebel groups contested area in the Eastern Congo never disappears.

And yet, this outbreak is different than earlier: The medicine is facing Ebola with empty hands, as five years ago, when the disease to the States was the cross-threat. This Time, there is a vaccine, better education, a coordinated containment: successes that were possible only because of the physicians, and disease-protective learn from the most devastating Ebola outbreak in history, and while you are at vaccinations could investigate.

The progress is now shown during the current outbreak in the Congo: More than 100,000 people have already received a vaccine, the first set of analyses, according to almost everyone Vaccinated protects (the Lancet: Henao-Restrepo et al., 2016). He was very sure that the number of Infected and dead, not yet, would be much, much higher, were it not for this vaccine said Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of the world health organization in January.

been found Yet could be more important than the Serum itself, however, as it is. Because Lessons for the development of additional vaccines and treatment strategies, the well – known in the future and even unknown diseases at Bay could hold.

facts about Ebola What is Ebola?

Ebola is a Virus of the highest biological protection, better to have a Virus that is extremely dangerous and very contagious said. Under the microscope it looks like a thread sometimes loops, a earthworm is not dissimilar.

The Virus belongs to the family of Filoviruses and is divided into five types. The sub-species are different dangerous. Most of the symptoms of the disease in the first three weeks of the infection.

the Virus in 1976, was Discovered by a group of researchers in the infectious disease, Peter Piot, in the former Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, lying to, not far from the current Outbreak. This gave the Virus the name Ebola, is due to a quirky coincidence. The researchers wanted to name the Virus after the place of the outbreak, Yambuku,. Because then, they feared, would remain the Name of the village forever with a deadly Virus. Therefore, Piot and his colleagues decided to name the Virus after a river that was on the map, the researcher directly next to the village of Yambuku. When the card proved to be faulty and it turned out that the river Ebola was a whole piece away, it was too late: The Virus has already had a name.


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