Nikolay Zorya: was killed by a Prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials

History 11/03/20 Nikolay Zorya: was killed by a Prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials

the Death of district attorney Nicholas Zori came in the night on may 23, 1946, One of the prosecutors in the Nuremberg trials, was found dead in a hotel in the zone of American occupation. Whether it was a suicide, as claimed by the press, is unclear, but we know one thing — the Deputy Prosecutor of the USSR has participated in many high-profile investigations. Anyway, the mystery of death dawns to this day remains unsolved.


before the war, being a member of the orphanage, he had a long way to assistant Prosecutor of the USSR A. Vyshinsky. When Beria began Stripping the bodies of internal Affairs, Nikolai knew many facts about the dirty truth of the Great Terror. From repression, he fled in military service. Next was the Winter war with Finland, the liberation of Belarus, Crimea, Stalingrad from the Nazi invaders. In 1945 he was assigned to the post of the right hand of attorney General in litigation over the Nazis.


In 1946 took place the investigation of the Katyn case where the Russian side accused the German in the shooting of 15 thousand captured Polish soldiers. The world Tribunal was officially to blame Germany, however, counsel for Goering suddenly demanded evidence of his involvement.

During the investigation, Nicholas was faced with many apparent falsifications. The false witnesses claimed that prisoners of war near Smolensk fell under the domination of the Germans who shot them in the fall of 1941, the Prosecutor recognized “the familiar handwriting” of the NKVD, as had already faced with similar fraud documents. He appealed to the then attorney General K. Gorshenin with a request for permission to travel to Moscow to talk about the found data Wyszynski.


Another slippery point was the disclosure of the bombing of the red army in Finland and Hungary at the beginning of the war. This was the reason for the performance hitLedovskih allies that still does not give a clear answer historians. It is assumed that Stalin was initially able to plan defensive and offensive actions.

in addition, on may 22, Ribbentrop had read out details of the Soviet-German non-aggression Pact, including on the division of Eastern Europe. The day before the murder dawns secret documents received wide publicity, which he never thought to interfere. The next day he was found with a bullet wound in his temple.

the Truth is not concealed

What had caused the death of the Soviet Prosecutor, it is unclear preview — murder in a dream, and adheres to the official accident when cleaning weapons. It is well known that excessive “independence” was not welcomed when the Stalinist regime, and the dawn was very inconvenient on all counts. Many years later his son George Zorya was a member of the case of Katyn, and achieved recognition of guilt of the NKVD to murder the poles.

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