Green forest – “that was The best preparation for the game, in a playful way, we were clearly superior,” said club’s spokesman Jochen Joppa satisfied. Overall, he referred to the series of friendly duels but as “a very mixed history.”

After a regular 3:2-victory at SV Mering, South West country League as Geretsried, have you the 4:6 against the Bavaria League team FC Ismaning by “three goals to glaring individual errors,” self-defeated. It’s a 0:1 against FC Penzberg and a 4:4 after two late unnecessary goals against SV Aubing, both district division followed. But Joppa remains calm: “we mustn’t take everything so seriously.” However, he acknowledges that the preparation, even apart from the results, “was the best hoped-for”: “There are, however, integrate with some people and there have always been missed again.”

Overall, the TSV-speaker is quite confident. “I believe that all of the new additions are reinforcements. Marco born Hauser and Luca Tschaidse have not played for Türkgücü often, the just need a little more time, Markus Baki was still a little off, Sebastian Koch is really good.“ Of Joppa … … main concern: Who will close the gap left by the to heimstetten abandoned Alexander Rojek than 25-fold goal scorer? “Rojek replacement, we do not have,” he admits.

On Saturday the Green-and-White guesting again in Geretsried, the Toto-Cup-blitz tournament, where you from 14 clock with the house of lords, the 1. FC Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the SV Bad heilbrunn in 30-minutes-Play and group mode to the main round to enter the fight.

However, without great expectations: “Because nine men missing due to Moritz high here bachelorette party, we play mainly with people from the Reserve and the A-youth,” said Joppa.

A week later, it will be for the Isartaler then, the guest game on Sunday, 14. July (17 PM), at Bayern League-Relegated to TuS Holzkirchen seriously. to



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