The HSV had done it recently, to be negatively in the press and a part of the Fans against him. With a few brief words, you have not extended the contract with the stadium announcer Lotto King Karl and shot his legendary anthem “Hamburg, my pearl” with the stadium as flares. “In the stadium anthem, we still dream of Juve or Rome and sing that there is to get for Bremen here. We want to be honest? Bremen has lost over the years, has beaten us in the end always, when it comes down to it,” says Tim Oliver Horn, head of the powerful Supporters-supporters ‘ club. HSV-President Marcell Jansen took the Ball and acted. The Message to all is clear: “We bake now smaller rolls.”

a column of Red-and – white Bayern-Fan-column, such As the laughed at Brazzo in the transfer madness for a secret weapon become a

Smaller buns baked for a long time a professional football player Jose Holebas. He stood from 2006 to 2010, with 1860 Munich and now plays in the Premier League club Watford FC in the English League. In the case of the sports buzzer-colleagues, he now put the Finger in the wound of many Fans: “So I hear, just want to any more to Germany.” The Outcry was large, flickering Bayern sports Director of the “Brazzo” but a Branch, Leroy Sané of Man City going on to iron. Recently, self-Coach should have on the phone Niko Kovac with the managers of the German national striker, to convince you of the merits of a bill of exchange. The chances are maybe 40 to 60 double Bayern.

No A-Stars: Was it ever different?

it Was back to the Lord Holebas and Butter on the fish: it ever any different? What Level A-Stars are on the top of their game in the Bundesliga? Arjen was a seal thanks to the injuries on the way to the B-Level and sat by James at Real, mostly on the bench, Franck Ribéry was still a diamond in the rough, and Roy Makaay in 2003, the Spanish top scorer was, but played only in La Coruna. And the other clubs? Who is there at all? Mathias Sammer came not as a world star from Milan to Dortmund and Raul and Alonso were already in the autumn of their careers. Conclusion: The League is as it always was. It attracts the Fans still magical, constantly shuttling between the Top 3 and 4 in Europe and win all the decades of a European title. Where is the Problem?

Hasan Salihamidzic “Ribery eats a gold-plated Steak Brazzo sits on a gilded throne” – so Twitter about FC Bayern

The mentioned Jose Holebas mocks has a clear opinion: “It is a much bigger challenge than elsewhere. The clubs in the Premier League, you can’t with any other in Europe. In the Premier League every club has money – there’s a clever player is not equal to a Top club in order to earn a lot of money, as this is, perhaps, in Germany or Spain.” It revolves around the money, but money buys good players, but apparently still no good games. “Sometimes football looks like it’s not particularly great, but the football in England is quite different. From the tactical, it is perhaps not the best League in the world. But the speed, physique and Fitness are still more in demand than in other leagues.”

The latest excitement is just a storm in a beer glass. Whether Sané comes to Bayern, or whether they commit to a B – or C-solution, is for the importance of the League and the brand in the medium term, don’t really care. If you promise this brand, regardless of a European Super League would like to change, needs to drop the 50+1 rule. Or it cemented the current Status: The League has to bake your Stars, the way she’s doing it successfully for decades – regardless of whether the club Bayern München or HSV is.

source: “sports buzzer”

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