love UCI,

you should be ashamed of. Whatever happened between Tony Martin and the Welshman Luke Rowe pre – therefore, of the Tour de France in 2019 ruled out, is unreasonable and highly excessive. Yes, Martin is brought in front of the cameras two waves of dangers and Rowe briefly Stumble. This was certainly not exemplary. But The two, as well as all the other drivers, have been demolished in the last two and a half weeks, more than 3,000 kilometres on their bikes. Last in extreme heat, while you have been chauffeured in a well air-conditioned cars to the destination.

learned Nothing from the case of Sagan

The ominous scene, the bump at the foot of the final climb happened without a doubt, in the heat of battle. Would you, dear stewards of the UCI, you need to stand out. To bring two athletes, which are never even noticed by unfair actions, because of this trifle to your personal Triumph on the Champs Elysee, is absolutely incomprehensible. Yes, even Peter Sagan have excluded your 2017 of your most important Event. After a very fine maneuvers against sprint-mate Mark Cavendish, who is on target the big races straight often also no child of sadness. You had him at the time, to have Cavendish brought deliberately the case. The international sports court, CAS was of a different opinion and rehabilitated the Slovak Superstar a few months later.

love UCI, apparently you’ve learned nothing from it. A small, insignificant detour now extends, apparently, to the driver, you are already four Times the rainbow Jersey over strips to discredit a poster boy of Cycling,. This is bad style. Also if this is in your rules so. Ever heard of tact?

tit for tat for Froome-criticism?

The two have hurt with your behavior to the Image of the UCI in Public? Not in the least. Rather, one might suspect, the little tussle between Martin and Rowe came you to miss one of your harshest critics a lesson. In the so-called Salbutamol affair tour winner Christopher Froome Martin had attacked the world Association sharp, and him indirectly under the authority of, the four-time tour winner did not receive a special treatment. Later, the Cottbus took back his statement. Invalidate the UCI is not the accusation but until today could.

Martin and Rowe apologize – in vain

“We have perhaps crossed the line a little bit,” said Rowe after the stage. Both had done their work. And to protect was their team captains in a confusing situation. Not more but also not less. In a common Video, the two brawlers later in the audience apologized. But by then it was too late. The team of the two and made the evening opposition. In vain. Martin and Rowe are out. While the UCI bespectacled commissioners sun in their air-conditioned cars to the finish of the first Alpine stages are dangers.

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