Anyone who sees this VW T5 on the highway, do not anticipate, what’s a Monster in the family carriage. At the back of the vehicle, the Tuning experts of TH Automobile Berlin screwed on and the T5 in a true beast transforms have.

VW T5 with stark 580 PS

From the outside, the VW T5 may appear insignificant, but under the hood is a very special engine. Although, strictly speaking: In the trunk. Because in the rear of the bus, the engine of a Porsche 911 (997) Turbo with a mighty 580 HP and a top speed of 285 km/h.

Also, the transmission of a Porsche have installed the Tuner in the VW. The Look Inside the Power of the motor, will be controlled with a Porsche steering Wheel and leather sport seats. There is also a 15.4-inch large screen, a DVD player can be connected. Also to the connection of Smartphones, the Tuner thought – via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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For over 250,000 Euro to Rennbus

From the outside, the VW T5 is available in black and alloy wheels equipped. At the rear, only two hidden exhaust show pipes on the performance of the bus. So the new parts fit into the car, had to build the Tuner. The redevelopment is expected to have about 250,000 euros cost.

If you are now come on the taste: The seven-year-old VW T5 TH Automobile is for sale for just 139.800 EUR.

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