As an urban area in Oklahoma is already a place, in which at least 2500 people. 98 percent of the area of the state, where there are 1.3 million inhabitants are rural. Also Cody Barlow lives in a tiny place, all 590 people Hulbert houses. In places like this, with the openness to the world such a thing. The fear of the New is often great, and still greater is the loss of morals. So call it conservative minds, when in terms of Sex and relationship something changes. Such as the Hippies in the late 60s have not hidden, that Sex before marriage and extra-marital Sex should not be a Problem for you.

Currently, but the decay of morals from a different direction, threatening the people, the Cody Barlow bigots, bigot, it is called fear. A resolution of the classical gender relations seem to hold, Yes, where would we be out there? Men women must marry men, women as well. He who is not with his birth gender, you can change it and some even say, to unite both sexes in itself. Sodom and Gomorrah!

Cody supported the Hateful and prejudiced, divided

Cody lives in the small Hulbert, however, is already a man on the come. In five countries and 14 States, he has been, has surfed off the coast of California and in Hawaii for snorkeling, betrays his Facebook profile. And because he has already seen so much of the world, he also knows that people continue to develop. That social changes will not let this stop them, that they will be condemned. And to show his Region that he is also a friend, as a heterosexual man with homosexual people, he has decorated in the Gay Pride month of June his car with a self-made rainbow, the Symbol of the LGBTQ family.

Found a way to show my support for pride month. I simply bought rolls of brightly colored duct tape and ran them across.

Posted by Cody Barlow on Thursday, may 6. June 2019

More than 135,000 people love his creative idea to make his car with adhesive strip to the rainbow car and to show his solidarity. Over 19,000 comments are evidence of how welcome his attitude is – and how unusual for a heterosexual man from a small town.



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