Kelly McCarron and her husband Ruairi decided for the new year for a classic good intent: The Couple from Perth, Australia wanted to be fit and slim. Kelly, who had always been petite and the 54 pounds was weighed, had increased over two years, thanks to occasional stress eating nine pounds. No Drama and still very, very far away from any kind of being Overweight. But Kelly objected to the extra pounds – and got a particularly bad mood, after her husband had slimmed down to eight weeks, nine pounds, and still none.

such a beautiful place! Cant wait to get on the lake tomorrow ?

Posted by Kelly McCarron on Friday, 1. December 2017

With intermittent fasting and a conscious diet wanted to get rid of the Couple of a couple of Kilos. In Ruairi it worked immediately fine, but in the case of Kelly, it took longer until the first successes were. A phenomenon, familiar to all women – men and anything goes, so unfortunately, any faster. The mother of two got with each day worse mood, was daily concerned on the scale. A behavior that her daughter Ayla, 8, and son Jack, 12, in the dark. And not well found. “I was pretty hard on me. But if it is necessary to supply two children, takes care always last to themselves,” explains Kelly.

The pounds will not come off easy

their two children were not happy with your unsatisfied mother and wanted to show her, that something as Unimportant as the number on the scale needs to prepare your really not in a bad mood. Therefore, they gave themselves first of all bother to vote, you happy: “Jack and Ayla were in the last week, so ready for this in the budget, what I found strange, since this is the normal state,” says mother Kelly, amused. “But I thought, I enjoy it, as long as it lasts. Yesterday I found a piece of paper on my scale, I wanted to throw in the trash.” Fortunately, looked at Kelly before, but it.

On the sheet of paper a short, but extremely loving message was: “Is this important?” As a dot under the question mark was a heart painted. The message came from Kelly’s son, Jack. The twelve year old wanted to see his mom happy again and carefree. Kelly mulled over his question: Was it important? Important enough to be stressed out by the daily step on the scale and so frustrated that even the children felt the effects of it? “I understood that It is not at all important. I noticed that I weighed myself when I felt already at home,” says Kelly. “I’ve decided that I wegräume the scale and my weight from now on with photos of me self-documenting.”

The children wanted their mother fröhlich

see The mother of two had been terrified before, as she noticed how her daughter Ayla mimicked you and the balance had made. Kelly immediately told her that she should stop. “The news of Jack has made me realize that I should take my own advice and stop doing that,” she says today.



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