On the evening of the 3. In January 1944, the waiter Gustav, the bar Rosenberg Mungenast enters in the Valentinskamp. Not as an employee but as a guest. The 43-Year-old, so it is clear from court documents, has worked as a waiter in the best houses of the city, in the Atlantic, the Four seasons, and in cafe the Emperor in Blankenese. In the case of the allied bomb attacks in July 1943, his apartment was completely destroyed. He then tried his luck in Leipzig. There, he opened his own tavern, but was also a bomb attack to the victim. Depressed, he returned to Hamburg and goes on 3. January 1944 on a Bender, after a quarrel with his wife. He can be in a number of pubs and a brothel full of run at the end, he ends up in Rosenberg. There, he raises to a longer speech. “He led almost alone, the word”, – stated in the later justification of the verdict. Mungenast had expressed, among other things, “the Prestige of the German Empire abroad had formerly been by the many German waiters especially lifted by the third Reich, but this Reputation had been destroyed. He spat and said: ‘for him, Germany has so much value.’ Further, the defendant claimed that the soldiers in the East had no more desire (…), the leaders have not otherwise kept by the Church much, but now he would be behind her herkriechen, if you would only pray for his victory.” As some people have asked him such a “state of dangerous to be Talking about”, replied the accused, “the Gestapo could come and see it, it would have been his wish, to the concentration camp of time to get to know”.

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