In a house with meat and continue to keep often and regularly on the table. The nutrition report in 2019, the Minister, Julia Klöckner (CDU), has presented shows. At 28 percent of the 1,001 respondents is daily eaten meat or sausage. Dairy products consume daily, 64 percent of respondents, fruit and vegetables, 71 per cent. Your favorite food, 33 percent called it a meat dish such as Roasts, cutlets or goulash. Salad or vegetables were named by only 10 percent.

The public interest in vegetarian food is increasing recently, said Klöckner at the presentation of the report. Currently, only six percent of the respondents are vegetarians. One per cent, to eat vegan.

two points, as well as all of the participants in the survey are unanimous: 99 percent of them, it is important that food tastes good, and 91 per cent are keen to ensure that it is healthy. That sugar and fat play as a flavour carrier in both of these aspects have an important role, the respondents are quite aware of that: 84 per cent are, for example, ready-made products to add less sugar – even if they taste less sweet.

© 58 percent of Germans view always, or usually, how much sugar the product contains

Klöckner referred, in this context, your “reduction strategy”, to be included in finished products in the future, less sugar, salt and fat. How many calories are in your food, pay attention, 41 percent of women and 32 percent of men.

© 29 percent of the German food is not part of daily fruit and vegetables

The everyday life of many German that no longer each meal is cooked. Although 40 percent are available every day, even on the stove, on the other hand, eat almost three-quarters of respondents at least once per month in the Restaurant. Especially working people often eat away: 20% of Germans go at least once a week in the canteen, and 5 percent even every day. Pizza taxis and other delivery services are used by only 6 percent of respondents once per week.


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