Obtained the most detailed images of the Sun in history


American telescope DKIST received the most detailed to date pictures of the surface of the Sun. The study of these images may help astronomers decipher the input received from the Parker probe Solar Probe, reports TASS with reference to the press service of the National science Foundation (NSF).

it is Reported that the pictures can be seen as a “bubbling” of the solar plasma in cells the size of a large European state, and how does the magnetic field of the star.

“the Magnetic field of the lights remains the main stumbling block for us. For the disclosure of all the most important secrets of the Sun we must not only consider its smallest detail from a distance of 150 million km, but also very accurately measure the strength and direction of the magnetic field as near the surface and in the vicinity of the heated atmosphere of the star,” – said the head of the DKIST project of Tomas Rimmele.

Experts also noted that the lines of a strong magnetic field can get out of the denser layers of the Sun and explode. Such phenomena lead to the appearance of spots, flares and coronal emissions that can destroy all life on Earth.

to Explore the nature of these disasters in the Sun, to reveal the causes of the solar wind and high temperature of the atmosphere. according to experts, will help new and detailed pictures of the surface of the star.

it is Reported that to obtain images with the minutest details, scientists use dozens of ground-based and orbiting telescopes. In addition, they launched a Solar Probe mission Parker.

an Important role in finding answers plays a telescope DKIST, which is a four-meter device, designed for observing the Sun. The uniqueness of the device is that for him was a powerful cooling system and special optics, and ultra-sensitive matrix, is able to capture the slightest differences in brightness of different points on the surface of the Sun.

Previously, scientists have denied the danger of priblijayuschegosyaI’m to Earth asteroid. They claim that the parameters of the meteorite would not allow him to destroy all life on the planet. Fatal for the Earth space object needs to reach a size of more than one or two kilometers in diameter.

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