It is the Tuesday of this week, 18.04 PM, as the AfD municipal politician Karl Schmidt (Name changed) pushes forward. He sends directly into the Whatsapp group of the wing, the right wing grouping within the AfD. In the Chat supporters of the policy Björn Höckes exchange for almost a year, members so, who see themselves as the True, the pure AfD doctrine, fundamentalists of their party.

Karl Schmidt is a man of some eloquence. In the chat group of the wing is also for a longer period of contributions is known, the opinion ruled strong most of the time and full of integrity. But on this Tuesday evening he posts none of his radical views. He shares with the party friends policy data. Without comment, the phone sends the numbers of Gregor Gysi, Christian Lindner and Anna Lena Boerbock. Robert Habeck and Andrea Nahles, he provides, in addition to the mobile phone number is also private addresses, as well as Olaf Scholz, Dietmar Bartsch and Malu Dreyer. The AfD-man also phone posting numbers from Catherine Barley, Franziska Giffey, and Sigmar Gabriel. Cem Özdemir, he has the Skype name of the actor Til Schweiger’s private address. The data come from the Internet. Has released you a young Hacker from Hessen.

It takes a few minutes, then Schmidt gets in the AfD-Chat the first response. “Of Hofreiter, there’s nothing?”, ask a colleague. “The upset is always so beautiful. I just wanted to tell him how ‘degenerate’, I find his face.” It’s a round of applause and a thumbs follow-up Emoji. But then, barely half an hour later, suggests a contradiction in terms.

“the enemies should know that they have to reckon with us!”

“We are a state of law party. To spread something I find shabby! We are off to the left, colorful…, therefore, we should adhere to our demands,” warns a member of the group. A different does not assist: “Right, that’s so wrong. We can’t get upset that left-wing extremists will publish our data and then the same. This is contrary to the principles of the AfD.”

After the attack on the AfD-politician Magnitz resistance investigators: No murder trial speaks? “The legal niceties”

The AfD has made with the publication of personal data and their own experiences. On the radical left-wing platform Indymedia of 2016, addresses, and telephone numbers of all the participants of the two AfD were published-the Federal party days. Hackers had obtained the data before. It was in the AfD at the time, no one to make it funny or politically legitimate, gave private data to the Internet. Many felt the action than just position. Some also had fear of the left violence.

In wing Chat is mixed Opinion. “What bigotry?”, one of them asks. “Our opponents should know that they have to reckon with us!” He conceives of it, apparently, as a political sabre-rattling, as a Demonstration of the strength, to pass on personal data.

“Always these intra-party

waiting Block” “of Course, the (political opponents, editor’s note. star) know about it, but not like that!” contrary to other AfD-man. “On the one hand, we complain for the sake of justice, the rule of law and so on … On the other hand, we could do it by myself.” For this Position, he receives support, but also nagging. “These intra-party block, waiting …” that annoys someone, and sends a red inchoate rage Emoji.


May take two years, no political party offices: AfD-politician André Poggenburg

©Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert DPA

block and wait, and this designation opens some in the AfD-Chat then, but sour. The discussion bounces back and forth. It go “not to the privacy of our ‘enemies’, a, but changes the opponents should not present everything you know. Other notes, finally, that it was “no Crime”, “the data to post here.” The press could see him.

Karl Schmidt, who had fed the data of the leaders, contained the discussion. Compared to the star he did not want to say, why he has the policy data posted.

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