Tobias Schülert

Already back-to-school times wanted Tobias Schülert just all Laugh. But at some point it has to be serious with the Funny. To be exact in New York. There Schülert discovered during an internship at star cartoonist Til Mette, his passion for everything that has to do with the image of wit and Humor. Back in Germany, he studied visual communication in Bielefeld, customized cartoon animation movies. Even then, Schülert used the Internet as a platform to put Fun into the world, and to get Funny. Before his path led him eventually to the star, he made as an Intern, a trip to the satire magazine “Titanic”. In addition to his studies, he published there, at irregular intervals, his Cartoons. Then, in 2006, the culmination of his career: At the Frankfurt book fair, he was awarded the German cartoon prize. He then went as an author to Carlsen Comics, where he will laugh his first book “water”.

Today Tobias is Schülert Cartoonist and Humor editor of the star.


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