thought As we all not too long ago, there was a reality and what happens on the Internet, form a kind of parallel world, maybe even better, since the Hamburg-based journalist Bianka echtermeyer wrote a commentary. You saw how the virtual world robbed her of her life. On the online platform of the women’s magazine “Brigitte” had you made about the aging Skateboarder funny – and not twelve hours later, those “grizzled Draw” in the network had sprung up carefully together, and threatened the author with a group rape, “ass fuck” and “war”. – “You dangle soon at Michel,” wrote one.

Nearly 10,000 comments had accumulated under your online text, in your E-Mail Inbox, on Facebook and in special-purpose real-Meyer-hate-groups. The author did not trust more in your apartment. “I don’t mind at all what was happening. It has me overwhelmed, totally.”

Bianka Echtermeyer processed their experiences in a book

It took months to get her life back halfway so felt as if it belonged to her. A few years later, the author resorted to a weapon, you could at least beat the negative thoughts in the escape: to Write. They invented the journalist Charlotte Schmidt and sent them to Search in the scene of the hate groups and anonymous online forums. Out of the first crime of Bianka echtermeyer, “web of fear”. Quickly, straightforward and exciting to Meyer by a woman who discovered in their Research not only a body but also a new love told Real. And because it feels so good, the journalist thought as unscathed through all the dangers to escort, send Echtermeyer your Charlotte Schmidt in the next year on new research.

“network of fear” by Bianka Echtermeyer, Midnight (Ullstein), 220 pages, 11 Euro.


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