Porridge is actually nothing more than a porridge of oatmeal. He is either mixed with water, milk or milk set. So a warm, long scrumptious Breakfast or a delicious meal for a Snack arises.

criticism of the food watch for Cheap oatmeal, overpriced Porridge? So Edeka explains the price difference

Porridge has grown in the last years a considerable change of image to what is substances especially to its healthy contents. Oats provide B-vitamins, zinc, iron and protein. The fiber content also ensure that the blood sugar level rises after eating so fast. The flakes-milk-mixture is also gentle on the stomach. The food industry has recognized the Trend long ago, and the supermarket shelves with various types of Porridge flooded with variants. To vile oatmeal it is long: Many providers Refine their Porridge mixes with dried fruits, such as Apples and berries, or spices like cinnamon.

“Ökotest” checks Porridge – organic products convince

“Ökotest” has taken 20 different porridge mixtures under the microscope, including twelve organic and eight conventional. Eight of the 20 Porridge cut “very good”. Especially from the Bio Department there is very good news: All twelve organic Porridge are free of pesticides and growth regulators. The plant protection agents which affect the growth of plants. Seven of the eight “very good” porridge mixes are available in organic quality, including products from Bauck, Dennree, Mymuesli and Rapunzel.


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