you are invisible and lurk everywhere, no matter when and where it is on the way: germs. “You can urinary tract infections, wound infections, and trigger lung infections,” says Naghmeh Abbasi-Boroudjen. She is the Director of the Institute for Medical diagnostics Berlin and spoke to the TV station “RBB” on multidrug-resistant bacteria, which were detected on Board of Easyjet.

For a report of the consumer magazine “Super market” had been arrested on domestic flights between Berlin, Munich and Cologne, randomly several samples. In two of the three flights of dangerous germs have been found.

a High burden of bacteria: The worst germ-spinning in air travel Fullscreen

of works in aircraft: 2155 CFU/square inch. For comparison: According to the National Science Foundation, the Display of a Smartphone comes down to a value of only 27 CFU/square inch.

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“found The pathogens on the armrests with Euro wings and the folding tables with Easyjet. Particularly alarming: On the Easyjet flight difficult-to-treat multi-resistant germs of the toilet flushing could be detected,” reads a release of the transmitter.

Short bottom times mean superficial cleaning

All samples were analyzed in a certified laboratory. In the Review of the toilet flushing, the germ Methicillin was found-resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA). “MRSA is a multidrug-resistant germ that is against the majority of antibiotics resistant,” said Naghmeh Abbasi-Boroudjen, a specialist for Microbiology, Virology and infection epidemiology.

airline food in Economy Class What Airlines serve In the Euro wings have been diagnosed in addition, the mucosa of germs. In the case of a flight with Ryanair is not a concern and could be identified-causing germs. However, it was in the case of the samples to a non-representative Test.

According to Klaus D. Jandt, material scientists from the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, have brought the cost pressure in aviation, they wanted to keep on the ground, the downtime as low as possible. The also reduce the time available for cleaning.

The airlines have, in the meantime, in relation to the TV report. Both Eurowings as well as Easyjet emphasize that your Jets are cleaned after each flight. In the case of Easyjet, is subject to its own information, each aircraft after 40 days in the use of a deep cleaning.


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