With the title of the “sham of the year,” the consumer advice centre Hamburg in 2019, for a particularly stark case of a hidden price increase. Up to 20. January could consumer the opportunity to nominate five candidates to your favorites for a negative price. The choice chip this year there were Latvians by Lorenz Snack-World, Smarties, Nestlé, Babybel-cheese balls, Light-Salami from Lidl, as well as Apple herb of Grafschafter (see photo).

The vote was a clear “winner”: about 40,000 participants, more than half voted for the crisps as a sham of the year. “Never has the vote of the consumer was as clear as in this election the sham of the year”, says Armin Valet of the consumer Hamburg.

Overall, are received by conservationists, according to the consumer advice centre in the past year, almost 2000 complaints about the cheating with the consumer. From these, the consumer advocates created the Shortlist for the current vote.

The abusive price for the sham of the year will be awarded for the fifth Time. The previous winners are the Vitalis fruit muesli by Dr. Oetker, Evian water, Danone, Bebe cream of Procter & Gamble and Pampers diapers, also of Procter & Gamble.

source: Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg

fraud of the month: Light-Salami from Lidl more fat and calories than the Original Fullscreen

The Light Salami the Lidl brand Dulano’s not on 100 grams of expected, only about a third more expensive than the normal Turkey sausage. It also contains more fat and calories than the Original. During the normal Salami contains 18 per cent fat, it is in the Light Version, 20 per cent. In the case of the saturated fatty acids are, according to the consumer 25 percent more. From a purely legal Light may, “” plan, because the Turkey salami contains less fat than a normal pork salami misleading it is anyway.

©Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg


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