On Izmailovskoye shosse rescuers spent the night trying to remove the raccoon from the tree

On Izmailovsky highway volunteers-rescuers from the “Spacezilla” all night trying to remove from the tree raccoon named Marusya. For operation detachment was observed by the inhabitants of several houses, the TV channel Moscow 24.

the Animal climbed almost to the top of the tree, to the height of the sixth floor, and peel back feared. Noticed him earlier in the day and waited for the Coon will go down myself.

Not waiting at 11 PM asked for help. To remove the mail from the branch volunteered rescuers are volunteers, but it was not easy.

But after nearly 16 hours raccoon still was on the ground. The rescue operation ended successfully.

Previously, the members of the “Spacezilla” saved a kitten who fell into a hollow niche electric pole on 1st street Enthusiasts.

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