The Californian porpoises, according to a research report, on the brink of extinction. Only with the immediate measures, the animals were save according to the experts, even before the extinction. Of the Vaquita referred to marine mammals there were in the autumn of 2018, only less than 19 specimens in the Gulf of California, report researchers in the journal “Royal Society Open Science”. This is clear from the analysis of recordings from underwater microphones. The California porpoise (Phocoena sinus) is with a length of about 150 centimeters and a maximum weight of 40 kg is one of the smallest species of whale and is found only in the Gulf of California.

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fishermen are doing illegal hunting on the Totoaba – another endangered fish whose swim bladder is achieved on the black market in China as a reputed aphrodisiac and cure for extremely high prices. It is, therefore, also as the “cocaine of the seas” is known. Again and again entangled harbour porpoises caught in Gill nets of fishermen and die. According to the information provided by the Mexican Ministry of the environment established protection organization VaquitaCPR the Vaquita is säugerart (Spanish for little cow) is the currently most acute endangered Sea. Their decline accelerated according to the researchers, in the past few years.

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Mexico while fishing with drift nets in the Gulf of California in the year 2015. There is no evidence that this had slowed down the decline, say the experts. The nets would be used anyway, making the Californian porpoise, had always been driven to the brink of extinction. Since the year of 2011, the stock level is estimated to be wounds almost 99 percent of the speed, report the researchers from Mexico’s national Commission for the protection of biodiversity, as well as from the UK and the USA.

In the past year, only six Vaquitas were sighted, including a female with a calf. For headlines, the type has also taken care of because US actor Leonardo Di Caprio for your protection uses. This year, a documentary about the efforts to protect the Vaquitas on the brink of extinction by the Hollywood star produced appeared under the title “Sea of Shadows”. Because you have dark circles around the eyes and the mouth, are called the whales “Panda of the sea”. At the beginning of July, the world heritage Committee of Unesco in Mexico island archipelago in the Gulf of California, the home of the Vaquitas put on the list of the endangered natural heritage of the world. The Status should be drawn to the urgent need for political action. Mexico had declared in the past year, an expansion of the protected area of 1263 on 1841 square kilometers.

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