allegedly, Want buildings on a Yacht to Capri to get married: Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

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Romantic splendor, Sunny weather, fragrant cypress trees: it is Not without reason that Italy is the most popular wedding country in the world. About 8000 foreign couples come here annually, the Yes-word. But also many Stars chose the Mediterranean country for their choreography of happiness. Heidi Klum (46, “Germany’s Next Topmodel”) and “Tokio Hotel”-guitarist Tom Kaulitz (29, “Through the monsoon”) bill and COO with your wedding, which will take place next weekend on a Yacht off Capri, so in famous company. Here is a selection.

Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Ivanovic: Glamorous wedding in Venice

their two-day wedding was like a Hollywood movie. 2016 married national football hero Bastian Schweinsteiger (34), and Tennis Pro Ana Ivanovic (31) in Venice, with a lot of Glamour: civil wedding at the Palazzo “Ca’Farseti”, Celebration in the posh Seven-star Hotel “Aman” from the year 1550, and of course Turtelfotos of the radiant couple on Board of a motor boat. On the list of guests: Approximately 300 guests, including sports stars such as Felix Neureuther (35), Lukas Podolski (34) and Angelique Kerber (31). Even with their Instagram followers, they shared a wedding photo.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin: a dream wedding in the lagoon city

they had already shown in 2014, as it celebrates a Venetian dream wedding: Hollywood star George Clooney (58) and the human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin (41) were married in the Palazzo “Ca’Farseti” and in the luxury hotel “Aman” is celebrated. Allegedly, the Couple in the Alcova-Tiepolo Suite, which is decorated with Baroque frescoes by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, one of the great Italian artist of the 18th century slept. Century.

To celebrate with Royal Flair in the Canal Grande of Hollywood, including Matt Damon (48), Cindy Crawford (53) and “Vogue”-Boss Anna Wintour (69) came in a half. The fashion Pope traveled again as a wedding guest to Venice: Also Salma Hayek (52) and François-Henri Pinault (57) had in 2009 married – with a masquerade ball.

Manuel Neuer and Nina Weiss: Church-blessing in Monopoli, with crutches

goalkeeper-Star Manuel Neuer (33), and his great love, Nina Weiss (26) liked it quiet: After the civil wedding in Austria Tannheim, Tirol, married the Couple in 2017, the Church in the Cathedral Maria Santissima della Madia, in Monopoli, about 50 km away from Bari.

star-Location “Masseria Le Carrube” in the Fasano-Ostuni – well shielded and romantic in the midst of a large olive-plantation was Celebrated in the Five -. A particular obstacle for New: Due to a metatarsal fracture during the quarter-finals of the Champions League, the Bayern Star was on crutches. The wedding delights clouded in the slightest, like a Facebook photo shows.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Paris> Florence

According to “Page Six,” at a cost of the rental of the historic fortress from the 16th century. Century, approximately 400,000 euros. The vocal music of star tenor Andrea Bocelli (60) took over. The Church’s blessing, not Italian, but Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr and were. from Miami.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding in Bracciano in the Scientology rite

you attitude in the Italian town of Bracciano near Rome, were married under the utmost secret: More than 200 police officers and Carabinieri were in use, as Tom Cruise (57) and Katie Holmes (40) married in the year 2006. In order to protect the wedding party on the medieval castle were positioned in a sniper.

Supposedly, any member of the wedding organizing team was threatened with a million-Dollar penalty, if there would be Details price. What was known anyway: among the guests were David Beckham (44), Smith (50), Brooke Shields (54) and Jennifer Lopez (50) Wants, and the wedding was consummated in the Scientology rite.Italian media Reports that gave Cruise “of his bride according to the custom of the sect a cooking pot, a comb and a cat”. Six years later, the Pair divorced.

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