A student in Guinea want to let anything out of the participation in the final exams to hold – not even the birth of your child. The heavily pregnant 18-year-old Fatoumata Kourouma Condé from the town of Mamou in the East of the country noticed just as they had for their physics exam that the birth was imminent. She was taken to the local hospital, where within ten minutes a young gave birth to.

Just 40 minutes after their hasty departure, returned to Condé in the exam room and sat down at her table, much to the Surprise of your family and supervisors. Their history, first by the local media, was confirmed by the local audit Manager.

your man is charmed

Conde told the AFP news Agency, they didn’t even tell her husband that the birth was imminent, afraid to stay at home or go to the doctor. “I couldn’t imagine to miss even a final exam, for which I have learned throughout the year,” she said.

Condés man, a policeman, was delighted and will tell everyone about “this terrific woman,” said a Relative. “We pray to God that Fatoumata creates their statements,” he added. The Baby should be called, in his opinion, Espoir French for hope.

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