are getting plugged in car and more Parking on the street wantonly and burn. What does this mean for the owners? Legally, the polluter is primarily liable, but will have to be determined in the case of violence at a Demonstration can hardly be. And if you can find an arsonist, it is rather unlikely that he has the means, the done to to settle damages. Because the liability is not a jump in crime.

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points sinners to pay for it

Auto-bullies with a high number of points in Flensburg, Germany, to build more accidents and pay higher contributions – that’s an obvious guess. Which does not apply in the case of most contracts simply. Individual insurers see it differently. Then, however, there is a hefty surcharge of up to 20 percent. In one example, driver the are about 140 euros per year. Because it’s worth it to switch to the insurer.

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For the vehicle owners there is a glimmer of light: as a rule, the Insurance pays insurance on the vehicle. “A part of comprehensive insurance is normally responsible for the damage to your own car,” says Christoph Röttger of the R+V insurance: “This also applies if the car burns out completely and the damage total is.”

A special situation, wars, and civil war-like conditions – but most Demonstration is not even in the violent. In principle, the comprehensive insurance does not cover damage caused by vandalism, in practice, the insurance companies try to deny it. The insurance lasts for the holder also no lack of care – for example, because he has parked his new BMW, of all things, on the G20 weekend in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel. Problems it can give only in cases of gross negligence. If one breaks, for example, with his vehicle the Barricade and then comes damage.

protection insurance

however, it is Important that the vehicle is a partial or fully comprehensive insurance was completed. This is 85 percent of the vehicles in the case. Are not prescribed these policies, however, the law only provides that a motor Vehicle liability insurance. It covers only the damages of third parties that causes the insured car. Especially with old cars of little value is often omitted on the part of the hull, because of the contribution in relation to the low value of the vehicle is yet to be felt.

The Comprehensive insurance does not cover damage to things stored in the car. Also you have to take into account an agreed self-participation. A refund will be processed, as a rule, the so-called replacement value of the vehicle, so the current market value. Insurance with Premium conditions, and numbers in young Pre even the replacement value.

full insurance pays – almost – always comprehensive insurance covers, however, only a few well-defined cases of damage, the expensive, full insurance will almost always. Complicated it is not with the part of the hull already, if the vehicle is burning, but only by the heat of an adjacent fire affected. Stewed and Sengschäden does not cover a part of the insurance, it would have to be an expensive fully comprehensive insurance. Except in the case of glass breakage, the part jumps in insurance is also not in the other Demo damage. If the car is scratched, dented, or will be lubricated, only the full insurance.

conclusion: this is Real fire damage is likely to regulate the partial cover only the 15 percent without insurance have to pay for the damages yourself. In almost all other Demo-damage only, a fully comprehensive policy helps, therefore, approximately 54 percent of owners opt for the more expensive option.

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