about 20 years Ago, the first Zafira invented the Genre of a compact family vans – in the meantime, you tried to trim the series on luxury and time to sportiness. The successor is now a real Großraumvan. He rode against the VW Touran and Seat Alhambra, but against VW Transporter and the Mercedes V-class. Actually, the Zafira Life to the successor of the current Vivaro. The old Zafira is set, only the well-known Name will be saved.

The popularity of the SUV and Cross-over models in all vehicle classes fall victim to. Genuine family vans are not dying, only at Opel, but also at other manufacturers, they are replaced by large-space Transporter, which can be sold in other equipment lines as commercial vehicles.

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Opel Zafira Life – the PSA

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The Zafira successor is available in three lengths. Of 4.60, 4.95 and 5.30 metres, you can translate with a large, very large and extremely large. The focus is on the maximum utilization of space.

the load capacity of The Zafira Life lies between 1,500 and 4,900 in liters. Technically, the Opel is a Frenchman. It is based on the EMP2 platform of PSA. The motors also can be found in the Peugeot Traveller and Citroën space Tourer. A 1.6-Liter Diesel with 115 HP and two-liter Diesel that produces 150 PS or 180 PS. The 150 HP engine creates 170 km/h top speed and has a standard consumption of just 5.3 liters of Diesel. There will even be a four-wheel drive version. From the beginning of 2024, a model with an electric powertrain is added. The Transporter is to get five, six, seven and eight Seats; on request also with leather interior. In the luxury there are even heated front seats with massage function and four leather chairs for the passengers with a comfortable 48 centimetres of seat width.

From the outside, the Zafira Life looks like, however, to a cardboard box on four wheels, so like all vehicles of its class, the descent of a commercial vehicle will not be denied. In the interior, it is relaxed. Lots of space, lots of light, easy Smartphone connectivity, 7-inch touch display and Features such as a colour Head-up Display to make the driver’s life as pleasant as possible.

than the previous

friends of the old Zafira to be unwieldy but probably not happy with the New one. A vehicle of this size also has disadvantages, in inner cities it is bulky and oversized. But above all, the successor is also significantly more expensive. Opel is based on the list prices of the French sister models, is expected to be the starting price at 35,000 euros.

But list prices mean nothing. Peugeot Traveller and Citroën space Tourer will be sold far under the price, this price level will have to be the Zafira Life adjust.

conclusion: this is A compact family van, the new Zafira Life is not safe. He is likely to be for clients an interesting Alternative, the flirting with a Multivan, which the VW-salted prices. Because more space for the money, you can hardly. Who does not want to carrying, be sure to nine passengers, should look at the Combo Life (read: “move, children, or kayaking – the Opel range for the athletes and families”). The is a number of small and the Opel variant of the group-siblings Peugeot Rifter and Citroën Berlingo.

Opel Combo Life, moving, kids, or kayaking – the Opel range for the athletes and families

Opel is launching a new family vans on the market. The Combo Life offers infinite volume of transport. His Problem: he’s Actually a little different frisierter Citroën Berlingo.

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