There is a type of tourism that visit the locations where they filmed series such as Game of thrones; there is another category of travelers who roam cemeteries such as Mirogoj in Zagreb, and there are those who stop in towns hit by military conflicts, such as Sarajevo. These days strolling around Barcelona one type of visitor that is looking for the scenarios in which the radical independence supporters, have sown violence. Photographed with containers steaming, remains of barricades, sidewalks made of paving stones ripped up or shop fronts made of pieces.

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During the last week, television channels have been showing the streets of Barcelona, surrounded by guerrillas, urban. With a spectacular array of media, presenters, star, commentators in the studios and reporters embedded in the Police and the Mossos, the chains have been broadcasted in direct on the violent protests by the judgment of the procés.

Accustomed to seeing in the foreground the destruction of Paris and the revolts in Hong Kong, the images of Barcelona fit into this scenery. On the one hand, groups of violent, burning bins, vandalising street furniture, using tables and chairs from the terraces as a throwing weapon. In another, the police forces responding with rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons. And between both sides, journalists, protected with helmets and identified with vests orange. Attacked and insulted for doing their job, diana of botellazos and washed down with liquids of any kind.

According to the manual of the uprisings, the urban, the fierce hooded lashing out at the reporters, even though they know that they need to spread their actions. The vandals act as if they were the protagonists of a reality. Become selfis before the barricades and are photographed in a group as if they were on vacation. They the chambers of the financial entities in order to not be recorded and run from the first flat television while ploughing up what they find to their step.

viewers have been able to follow the skirmishes of the violent, and have seen and heard how they lived through the riots in the pavement of the forces of law and order. The police confess that it has been “a fucking hell”, which they have received for hours “hosts” in the Via Laietana, and there are many wounded.

radical Groups and anti-establishment came from other european countries will have joined the party. They know how to make bonfires: they carry gas cylinders of helium and even saws to stop cutting down trees and feeding the fire. There are moments in which the images of Barcelona and Santiago de Chile, where protesters have sparked a protest of huge dimensions, powered by the rise of the metro ticket, it seem too.


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