The lack of rigor they’re supposed to be the candidate in the electoral debates. And comply with that habit, between silences and half-truths. It all serves to attack the political opponent.

Pedro Sánchez (PSOE) blamed Paul Married (PP) because your party transferred powers to Catalonia and pardoned terrorists of Terra Lliure. The president silenced that it was the socialist Government of Felipe González, who have more powers transferred to Catalonia and who left handled pardons to the terrorists of Terra Lliure before leaving the Executive.

Married accused Sanchez not to withdraw the declaration of Pedralbes where it was said that the Spanish justice was not independent. The leader of the PP mixed documents, and silenced that this appreciation belongs to the vindication of the Catalan Government that Sanchez never assumed.


Well, we’ve had the debate on direct Lies and half-truths of the debate PHOTOGALLERY The election debate of RTVE, in images

Sanchez blamed Married of the brain Carles Puigdemont. When the former Catalan fled Spain ruled the PP, but there was no arrest warrant against him. Married defended the corruption of his party, condemned by the Audiencia Nacional in the case Gürtel, recalling that the appeals chamber had insured, by accepting the recusal of a judge to hear the case Barcenas, that the information in the sentence was incorrect. The board of appeals never said that, just said that any of the findings contained in the judgment corresponded to some other cause that is yet to judge.

Albert Rivera promised a reform of the electoral law “to which the separatists do not send” with a electoral court of the 3%. Silenced that, with that percentage and with the last results, would not have representation in Congress or Junts per Catalunya, or the PNV, or Compromís, or coalición Canaria, but yes CKD.

Married promised to reduce waiting lists to 30 days. But the competition to achieve this goal, it is of the autonomies. Sanchez promised a legal reform to punish in the Criminal Code for the holding of referendums illegal. But silenced that the socialist Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero repealed the same as approved by the Executive of José María Aznar.

Santiago Abascal (Vox) accused the PP and PSOE to favour the enemies of Spain, in reference to the Governments of Euskadi and Catalonia, with a preferential funding. In the case of Catalonia, its financing is regulated by a law, and it is equal to the rest of the autonomous communities (except the Basque Country and Navarre). Paul Married attacked Sanchez for wanting to repeal the permanent prison revisable. But silenced that the acting president froze the measure pending the pronouncement of the Constitutional Court.

Between silences and half-truths, lost the rigor.


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