Organ donation – Jens Spahn and members plead for contradiction solution According to a draft law of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn should be all of the deceased are automatically an organ donor. Unless you or family members disagree. © Photo: Kay Nietfeld

the Federal health Minister, Jens Spahn (CDU) has defended his bill on organ donation against criticism. “The contradiction the solution is not an organ of levy of duty,” said Spahn. But it is a commitment to the topic. Although the willingness to donate in Germany, spent over 80 percent – the number of those who really had an organ donor card, but it is far lower. The show that all Awareness-raising activities in the past years would not have worked.

The design is supported by SPD Deputy, Karl Lauterbach, the CSU health politician Georg Nüßlein, and Petra Sitte (the Left). Lauterbach founded the initiative with the small number of donors. Every year would die of 2,000 people, because there is no body for you.

The so-called Contradiction, that all the German government to be informed citizens aged 16 years and over the period of a year and finally registered as a donor, unless you disagree. The decision can be revised. There is no contradiction, to the relatives after the death of a potential donor is also asked whether the Dead man a body has consented to the removal.

Lauterbach said that the solution is non-bureaucratic, ethical, safe, efficient, and due to the double objection, sure. “It is completely okay to not donate,” he said. Anyone who wanted to donate, had to explain but in the future. That is the new ethical Standard. “With a small duty I can do great Benefit for the company.”

“no one is forced to anything”, said the CSU parliamentarian Nüßlein. Custom, spoke of a “solidarity act” towards others. Will accomplished this only in the mortality phase “during death”. In 20 of the 28 EU member States, a contradiction solution, the government is already Spahn said.

critics see voluntary nature of the donation willingness in danger

The German Foundation for patient protection warned of the abandonment of the principle of voluntariness. By donation, no more talk could be, – said Chairman of the Foundation, Eugen Brysch. “Every organ donation is a voluntary decision.” The contradiction solution, but do not set the fact that most deal with the question, and silence. “Silence does not mean consent,” said Brysch. It is ethical to give a human Organ. “But this gift is not to force the crowbar.”

A cross-party group of MPs is calling for a binding, regular surveys of citizens and a nation-wide online register. “We want to keep organ donation after death as a conscious and voluntary decision, and strengths, which may not be by the state enforced”, stated the politicians to Green party leader Anna Lena Baerbock. The opposition solution to Wake anxiety and depression, trust in the organ donation.

The number of available donor organs is not enough for years. In Germany, of 9,400 patients were on the lists for an organ transplant. For the first time since 2010, the number of organ donors had risen in the past year. 955 people donated after death their organs to severely ill patients. In comparison to 2017, this is an increase of almost 20 percent. It is expected that the Bundestag, result forced open, and without a group, on the new regulation on organ donation will be put to the vote.


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